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iPhone 12: Without Any Port

The iPhone has always been the center of attention in the Smartphone market for people all around the world.  It is the most awaited Smartphone, and it's every version comes with the unique features and qualities that are sparkling enough to make people buy it. Whenever the new model of iPhone launches, sell like hotcakes. Now again, the news is in the air about the launch of iPhone 12. The world’s expectations for this new arrival are very high. To make it a big success the iPhone needs to exceptionally unique and excellent. Before the arrival of the iPhone 11, there were many rumors regarding its new features, and later on, they proved to be right. As the people have come to know about the new addition in the iPhone series, everyone is excited to know about the new features and qualities. There are many rumors in the town about the possible features of the iPhone 12. Analyzing the rumors, we have drawn some results and conclusions about what iPhone 12 will bring.

Expected Date

Not any official date of the release of the iPhone 12 has been declared yet, but it can be expected in September 2020. It can be launched in the first or the second week of September. However, there are also chances of the early launch of the iPhone in 2020 as not left behind in the race of presenting 5G models ad if the thing goes like that thin, there are chances that the iPhone does not get the attention of people, which is supposed to be. Apart from that of the iPhone is coming earlier with a 5G feature, then it might become its success indicator.

The Price Of The iphone 12

The exact price of the iPhone 12 cannot be estimated but following the prices of iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 pro that start from $699 and $999 accordingly and as the price of iPhone 11 Pro Max starts at $1,099, it can be said that the rate of iPhone 12 will be considerably higher than before. As iPhone 12 is to be expected as the 5G model, then its price should be premium.

What it would be called?

Many people calling it the iPhone 2020, and some of the people will call it a new iPhone, but these are not the names that can represent the new version of the iPhone; rather it must be called iPhone 12, which could be the suitable name for the new iPhone model.

The New Display And Design Of The iPhone 12

The news has been leaked by the reputed source that iPhone 12 will have a 120Hz refresh rate instead of 60Hz display of the current phones this advancement will give a smoother touch to the screen. We have heard about this news quite often. However, if the refresh rate is a little higher than 60Hz, then it will be not something new as some of the phones, even in some iPads, already have a higher refresh rate than 60Hz.

The screen size is also expected to be changed. The Ming-Chi Kuo, the Apple analyst, has said that the iPhone 12 Pro Max will come up with a 6.7-inch screen that would be bigger than the screen of iPhone 11 Pro Max, which is 6.5 inches. However, the size can also have a small screen of 5.45 inches and its cloud be the 6.1 inch screen.

The good news is that the iPhone 12 will be upgraded to OLED form the LED, and it is said by the Apple analyst. The news is everywhere that the OLED screen will be the exclusive feature of all three iPhone 2020. The OLED screen will be thinner and cheaper from the screen used on the iPhone 11 pro that is a good thing and could expect the lower price, but only one feature cannot decide this.

We have come to know that the Apple Company will launch three mobiles of different sizes, such as 5.4 inches phones, one with 6.1 screens, and the other one will carry 6.7 inch screen.

The analysts are predicting that the iPhone 12 will lack a notch as the front face camera will be entrenched under the screen that can make iPhone 12 modal more expensive. Along with this, the inside new is that Apple is working in the Face ID tech which will lead to considerably slimmer notch. The several combinations are being tried by the Apple Company to create something mind-blowing.

It is said by the analysts of Apple that the body of the iPhone 12 is expected to be metal-based, and the edges will not curve like the recent models, and he also said that the model of the iPhone 12 would be different from the old version apparently. Also, rumors are that iPhone 12 will include budget flagship, time-of-flight sensors, 5G support, USB-C and telephoto lens. Including this, according to the leaked information, that iPhone 12 will have an in-screen fingerprint scanner, which will prove to be a revolutionary change for Apple, as the recent version of Apple phones does not have a fingerprint scanner.

Space And The Camera Of iPhone 12

The expectations of the analysts are high for the RAM as they claim that iPhone 12 will have six GB RAM upgraded from the 4GB of current models. It is supposed to be 5G phones, which will be supported by a 5nm A14 Bionic processor. This feature will grant the longer battery time and power to the users for the better experience, although the battery life of the iPhone is still not comparable and the best. There are also rumors about the advancement of the iPhone camera; some rumors are about the inclusion of the laser-powered 3D camera in the iPhone 12, and some rumors are about the depth-sensing snapper. The addition of any of them will create hype among the consumers. There are chances that Apple includes the fourth handset in its line-up in 2020.

What We Want To See In The New iPhone

If we keep in mind the model of the iPhone 11 as it's a strong range, but it also has some drawbacks that we do not want to see dullness and flaws in the iPhone 12 because our expectations are high from the iPhone 12.

Most importantly, the new iPhone must be excellent, flawless and out of the board; we love to see some outclass and surprising features in the new arrival. We hope that Apple is creating something unexpected for us. As Apple is one of the biggest companies and therefore the customers, expect some additional handy goodies along with the iPhone 12, such as detachable VR glass or folding handset. Moreover, the improved specs and top-notched design is expected by the new arrival.

When it comes to the design of the iPhone, we have been seeing the same appearance of it for many years, regardless of size, and the iPhone X hat brings some uniqueness, but only basic things are changed, and the core features remain the same. However, we admire the look of the iPhone; the body of the iPhone 11 is not appreciated much, so we want something different from this.

If the iPhone 12 is planning to insert front face camera under the screen as the rumors are predicting, then it will be a great and impressive addition in the iPhone 12. We also want the re-addition of the fingerprint scanner as the face identifier is not as quick as it should be. It cloud be better enough if the finger scanner should be added in the complete screen of the phone; it will become easier to operate the phone.

The iPhone 12 must come with the improved refresh rate as most of the Smartphone has upgraded their refresh rate of 60Hz to 90Hz and 120Hz so the iPhone 12 should also upgrade it. Another most important thing that consumers look for is the battery timing of the phone, and being the user of the iPhone, the expectations get higher. The battery life is quite good, but it can boost up more that can easily go 2 to 3 days.

5G is the most demanded feature that consumers were looking at the iPhone 11, but Apple is left behind by the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G and OnePlus 7 pro 5G. Therefore, we want Apple to launch the iPhone 12 with 5G support. From the sources, we get the news that iPhone 12 will support 5G, and it is exciting news for us.

Apple should make the prices of the iPhone 12 affordable for all the customers, but it is obvious that Apple has cut down the price of the iPhone 11 now it cannot come lower than standers.

We hope that we get all the expected and exceptional features in the iPhone 12 by the coming year 2020.  

iPhone 12

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