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Natural Foods to Prevent Coronavirus

The outbreak of Coronavirus in the world has created a serious health situation. There are dangerous predictions that half of the world populat....

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The identification of the Coronavirus first occurred in the year of 1960. However, at the time of the identification, it was not known that whe....

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Law of Torts and Remedies

Introduction The term "tort" is the French equivalent of the word from the English language "wrong". The term tort in its original form refers....

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iPhone 12

The iPhone has always been the center of attention in the Smartphone market for people all around the world.  It is the most awaited Smartp....

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The first question that arrives here in our minds is that what exactly is cyberbullying? Cyberbullying is causing someone an emotional setback ....

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Diabetes is a severe disease in which the body of human beings becomes unable to process blood sugar or blood glucose. This results in a higher....

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Climate Change

The climate of the Earth has changed at a continuous pace throughout history. But the change that we have been witnessing for the past few year....

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5G Technology

When we think about 5G technology and what it is all about, the first thing that comes to our mind is that it has to be somewhat related to mob....

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Scoliosis is a three dimensional, tri-planer skeletal deformity in which there is lateral deviation and rotation of the spine in an upright po....

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