Revision Policy

Revision Policy

It is the foremost priority of our website to provide our clients with high-quality work. If you do not find the task delivered to you as satisfactory, you can always ask for free revisions. Three revisions are free for every client if it meets the following criteria:


Your initial instructions regarding the paper must match the revision instructions. You cannot change your instructions while asking for a revision. In such a case, we keep the right to reject your request for revision.


Before approving the paper, you can ask for the revision by making use of the ‘send for revision’ button that is present on your account. However, if you wish to request a revision after approving the paper, you must contact our customer service within 7 days after pressing the approval button.


It is advised to preview the delivered paper before pressing the approve button. In this way, you can ask for one of your available three revisions. After that, you have 7 days to request a revision. For tasks that are longer than 20 pages in length, you get 14 days to ask for a revision after approval.

Number of Revisions

  • Every client is provided with 3 free revisions, only if they meet the above criteria.
  • If you have used all your free revisions, or you wish to change some instruction, you must place a separate order for editing or proofreading.
  • If you have approved the paper and 7 days limit for asking a revision has also passed, you must place a separate order for editing or proofreading.
  • Also, you get 7 days to approve the revised paper again. We instantly start calculating the time after the revision was sent to you. After that, we consider the revision as approved.

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