Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

By using our website, we assume that you agree to our terms and conditions that are mentioned below. If that is not the case, refrain from using this website.

Children aged less than 13 should not use this website. The minimum age required for any citizen of the European Union (EU) to access or make use of this website is 16 years old. While using our website or purchasing any of our products, the user agrees to fulfill our age criteria.

When you make a purchase of any products or services from our website, we assume that you have read all our terms and conditions and you agree to be bound by them in terms of the law.



“Website” refers to Top Tutor Bay,

“Customer,” “user,” ‘you’ and/or ‘yours’ refer to the person who is making use of this website and/or purchasing any products and services from it,

‘Product’ points out to any writing, paper or essay that user wants to purchase in his order,

"Order" means the online form that the user submits on our website while making the purchase. It will contain the details of the product that the customer desires to buy and also, about its payment.


When a customer submits an online order on our website, he agrees not to use it for any commercial use and only for his personal use. All products or papers are written by our freelance professional writers who transfer their ownership and rights to our company.

The customer must read this paper before submitting an order on our website.


In order to obtain any kind of refunds, the customer must first read the ‘Money Back Guarantee' paper. This paper contains all the details regarding the cases in which products can be refunded. Also, if the user lives in the European Union, his VAT will not be, in any case, refund along with the product. Only the money or a certain portion of the price that you paid for the product will be refunded. The VAT is not refundable in any case whatsoever.


The user agrees to use the products for his personal use only and not for any kind of commercial use. He agrees that he will not publish, distribute, modify, transmit, display or create other content of the delivered material. He agrees not to exploit the contents of the product without obtaining written consent of this website. The company will not be responsible for any kind of unauthorized use of the products. Any kind of unauthorized use of the products or even the content available on the website will make the user subject to criminal and/or civil penalties.


Our website possesses the right of canceling any kind of contract or agreement with anyone in case if that person tries to deliver plagiarized products when asked for proofreading or editing in the name of authentic and original writings. The customer also agrees that he will not take part in any kind of distribution of the delivered products to the third parties. And if the company gets to know about any such activities of the customer, then we reserve the right to cancel all the agreements with him and stop the provision of services to that particular customer. Also, the customer may be subjected to civil or criminal penalties.

The user agrees that all the purchased products are for research and reference only. He will not put his name on the product. We do not promote any kind of academic dishonesty and do not intend to be a part of plagiarism or any such activities. We make sure to abide by every copyright law and do not promote their violations among customers as well. By making a purchase from our website, the user agrees that he will make use of the delivered product as a model only, i.e. only for research and reference and obtain ideas. The references will be cited and attributed to our company properly.

We, or any of our partners, are not liable for any kind of inappropriate, unethical, wrongful or illegal use of our material or other content received from this website. It includes poor grading, lawsuits, plagiarism, academic probation, expulsion, loss of awards/ scholarship/ prizes/ grants/positions/ titles, suspension, failure or any other legal actions. The client that bought this material will be responsible for any unethical or illegal use of it.

Plagiarism under 10 percent is considered acceptable. However, if you find it any higher than that; you may ask for a refund or a revision. For detailed information, look for the money back guarantee and revision policy on our website. However, the cited phrases and bibliographical references are not considered as plagiarism. Thus, they will not be included in plagiarism calculation.


Our website guarantees that the delivered product will contain less than 10 percent plagiarism. It will follow all your writing instructions. The formatting will also be according to your choice. We make sure to conduct the required research first and then deliver the product in the formal standard style of English.

However, we do not give any guarantee of a particular grade. You cannot ask for refunds in case of poor grading.


The user fills a form on our website while placing an inquiry or order. The form requires some of the user's data. This data will not be provided to any third party. However, for further details, you must take a look at our privacy policy.

Notifications regarding order placement, inquiry or clarification of some other issues will be sent to you on your email address. Also, promotional notifications may also be sent to you on your contact number and email address. They will notify you regarding all the discounts and special offers available on our website.

The price of the order you place is calculated based on work type, its academic level and deadline. The deadline timer shall start as soon as you make the payment.


The charges for the products and services are available on our website. The VAT is excluded from these charges. Only the users living in the European Union are charged with VAT. It is included in the cost of the ordered product at the end of the payment transaction process. The VAT is not, in any case, refundable.

If you order a unique product that does not come under our any mentioned classes of products and services or you inconsistently require amendment in a paper, we reserve the rights of calculating the rates of that product on our own.

The customers are asked to provide with the payment in advance as we are quite confident about our writers who are trained in delivering satisfactory products. However, if you want certain amendments in the delivered products; you can always ask for revisions. For further details, look into our revision policy. Also, if we fail to allocate a satisfactory freelance writer for your task; you can ask for a refund. For further details, look into our refund policy.


We may ask the customer to provide us with verification of their accounts for the prevention of any kind of fraudulent activities. The customer will be asked to provide us with a picture or a scan of some identity document, for example, student's card, driver license, passport, etc. with the scan of the credit or debit card that may be used to make the payment.

Our team only verifies the last four digits of your credit card, your name on the card along with its date of expiration. You can cover all the other data in the provided scan or picture.

After the retrieval of the documents, our risk department verifies them and erases them immediately from the system.


After completion, the user can preview his task on our website. The user gets 7 days to preview his task and ask for a revision if he does not find it satisfactory after pressing the approve button. For that, he needs to contact the customer service of the website. For further details, look into our revision policy.

After the user has clicked the approve button, there will be no refund. The clicking of the approve buttons means that the customer is satisfied with the quality of the work and he has no complaints.

If we fail to provide the task within the deadline or a certain part of the task is not provided to the user then the payment will be recalculated, and money will be refunded to the user accordingly. For further details, look into the document called ‘Money Back Guarantee.’

Also, we are not liable for any technical faults in the delivery of the services and products to the customers. These technical faults may include malfunction of the user’s mail server or his internet service provider.

A time limit applies to all of the refunds. The user has exactly 7 days to review his paper. The time starts right after the task has been sent to you or after the deadline has passed. After that, we consider the paper as approved.


We also provide our customers with free revisions. For further details, look into our revision policy.


In order to understand our company's policies and practices regarding the storage, use, and collection of our visitors' or users' information, look into the privacy policy of this website.

Your contact information may be used for certain purposes mentioned in the order placement section of this paper. If you do not want to be notified through text messages and emails, contact us to opt out of it. We will take action according to your choice immediately.


By placing an order on our website, you agree that along with all the points mentioned above, you also understand the statements mentioned below:


  • Any ideas extracted from the delivered will be cited properly.
  • Our products are for research or reference purpose only and to use as a model to learn to create papers in certain citation styles that include APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, etc.
  • All our products are created by freelance writers who transfer their ownership and rights to our company.
  • By placing an order, you agree that you are paying us money for our efforts and time that goes into the collection, organization, editing, correction, posting, and delivery of the product. Also, for the administration, advertisement and the maintenance of the website.
  • The user agrees to use the products for his personal use only and not for any kind of commercial use. He agrees that he will not publish, distribute, modify, transmit, display or create other content of the delivered material. He agrees not to exploit the contents of the product without obtaining written consent of this website.
  • The customer agrees that he will destroy all the products after using them for research or reference purposes. It will neither be duplicated nor be used without proper citation.


The customer understands that if any part or statement of the delivered product is held illegal by the courts, the remaining parts shall remain valid and their provisions will not be affected.


The customer understands that our products abide by all the laws of the location where our company holds its business in terms of performance and interpretation.


Any judicial proceeding or action regarding the enforcement of this and all the other agreements and their provisions will be held in the courts of jurisdiction located in the territories of the country where our company holds its business in terms of performance and interpretation.


The customer agrees to hold our company and its directors, officers, employees, shareholders, representatives, agents, affiliates, advertising, subsidiaries, fulfillment and promotion agencies, legal advisors, third-party providers or any source of data harmless from any kind of damages, losses, claims, rights and actions that may arise due to the products, also including: (a) electronic, telephone, software or hardware, internet, email, network, or computer malfunctions, difficulties or failures of any kind; (b) incomplete, failed, delayed or garbled computer transmissions; (c) any situations that are out of our control and may become the reason of the disruption, corruption or delay of the product; (d) any losses, damages or injuries that may arise as a consequence of utilization of the provided services; and (e) any typing or printing errors in the papers associated with the provided services. Also, the customer agrees to indemnify, defend and hold our company harmless from any kind of suit, claim or demand that includes the attorney’s fees, that may be made by an outside party due to your utilization of the services provided by us, your breach or violation of this document of Terms and Conditions, Your violation of a right of an outside party or any other such acts conducted by you.


The customer agrees that the company may make certain amendments in this document of Terms and Conditions. It is recommended to review this document after a certain period, again and again, to remain familiar with any changes in the document.

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