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Although, we try our best to make our website available to the customers at all times, but if, due to any reason, it is suspended or is unavailable for a certain period of time; we won’t be liable for it. Also, no prior notice regarding the suspension will be generated.

The damages that might be done to the contracts or the availability of certain material to the clients due to the suspension of the website, we will also not be liable for them.

We do not provide with legal or professional advice. The material provided by us would only compromise our views.

Links Disclaimer

You might be redirected to other websites from our WebPages, or other websites may also redirect you to our website. It does not mean that we are responsible for any of the information contained on that particular website. Links are only provided to increase traffic on the website.

Use of Our Products

We provide all our products for only research and reference purposes. You agree that you will use our product only as a model for further research or reference purpose. It will be properly cited in your document and attributed to Top Tutor Bay. We strongly condemn any academic frauds. We have no intention to take part in any kind of plagiarism, and we strictly abide by all the copyright laws.

We, or any of our partners, are not liable for any kind of inappropriate, unethical, wrongful or illegal use of our material or other content received from this website. It includes poor grading, lawsuits, plagiarism, academic probation, expulsion, loss of awards/ scholarship/ prizes/ grants/ positions/ titles, suspension, failure or any other legal actions. The client that bought this material will be responsible for any unethical or illegal use of it.

We won’t be liable for late delivery of tasks to the clients due to technical problems.

Our website does not guarantee any grade and thus, in case you are poorly assessed; we won't owe you a refund.


Plagiarism under 10 percent is considered acceptable. However, if you find it any higher than that; you may ask for a refund or a revision. For detailed information, look for Revision Policy and Money Back Guarantee of our website. However, the cited phrases and bibliographical references are not considered as plagiarism. Thus, they will not be included in plagiarism calculation.

Revision and Refund

We provide 3 free revisions for every paper. If you do not find the task delivered to you as satisfactory, you could always ask for free revisions.

Your initial instructions regarding the paper must match the revision instructions. You cannot change your instructions while asking for a revision. In such a case, we keep the right to reject your request for revision. If you have used all your free revisions, or you wish to change some instruction, you must place a separate order for editing or proofreading.

Before approving the paper, you can ask for the revision by making use of the ‘send for Revision’ button that is present on your account. However, if you wish to request a revision after approving the paper, you must contact our customer service within the time period of 7 Days after pressing the approve button. For tasks that are longer than 20 pages in length, you get 14 days to ask for a revision after approval. If you have approved the paper and 7 day limit for asking a revision has also passed, you must place a separate order for editing or proofreading.

In case of a 100 percent refund, the user loses the right to use any of our material that is provided to him during the entire course of the work. These contents become our property, and we may publish them on our website for commercial purposes or even as sample writing.

A time limit applies to all of these refunds. The user has exactly 7 days to review his paper. The time starts right after the task has been sent to you or after the deadline has passed. After that, we consider the paper as approved.

If the user lives within the European Union, he will not receive a refund of the VAT that he paid during the process of the transaction in both of the above cases. He will only receive the money or a small percentage of it. The VAT will not be refunded in any case.


The VAT is only charged from the customers living in the territory of the European Union. It is added to the total price at the time of the payment transaction. Also, VAT can be refunded.


Only 30 percent of the content will be changed in the orders that are placed separately for editing or proofreading. In proofreading, we only alter the parts that are plagiarized or contain any errors. Please note that every document is initially checked for plagiarism before delivering it to the customer.


The whole content of the paper is rephrased in the orders placed for paraphrasing. However, you should not expect our writers to do any new research for such orders.

Problem Solving and Multiple Choice Questions

You can also place orders for solving your tests or other similar problems for you. For this, you are expected to fill a separate form. Special prices will be applied to such orders.

However, we are not liable for the poor assessment of any test. It is up to the client to trust and make use of this solution or not.

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