Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

What are Cookies?

Cookies are certain files that are generated and stored on your device when you visit any website using the internet and a browser.

Cookies help us customize our website according to the needs and requirements of the visitors. It is how they enhance the user experience of any website. For example, it makes the user stay signed into the website for a certain period.

Websites have some third party applications that set their separate cookies. Same is the case with our website. For example, Facebook will keep you updated with our recent posts, and Live Chat will help you communicate with our customer support.

This policy will define why and how our website makes use of the cookies. The user agrees to our use of cookies while he uses this website, as it is mentioned in the privacy policy.

The cookies preference can be changed through browser settings if the user does not like us to set cookies on his internet browser. But some parts of the website are bound to make use of the cookies so they will not work properly then.

The Cookies we use?

This website uses persistent and session cookies.

Persistent cookies are called long-term cookies as they remain on your browser, even after it is closed.

Session cookies are short-term cookies that stay only until the browser remains open. These files collect data about your activities on our website.

How Top Tutor Bay use Cookies?

Our website uses these cookies in the sign-up and order forms. When you disable the cookies, we will have trouble providing you with the following services:

We will not be able to remember that a user is in the middle of the process of placing an order.


  • We will not remember that the user logs into our website.
  • We will not be able to track previous activities and use of our services or website.
  • We will not be able to send only relevant notifications to the user.
  • We will not be able to support the user through Live Chat.
  • We will not be able to track the activities of the user through third-party services, for example, Facebook Analytics and Google Analytics.

The cookies are used on our website for the customization of ads and certain content, for the analysis of traffic and the provision of social media features.  The information contained in these text files regarding your activities on our website are also shared with advertising, social media and analytics partners, for example, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Cookies and the third parties

Our website only makes use of the cookies when the user has to make an order or paying for a service. We will not provide the personal data of our users to a third party that has nothing to do with the process of completing a transaction.

Managing Cookies

The user gets the right to decline our cookies. If your browser automatically accepts them, you always have an option of declining them from your browser settings. However, certain functions of our website will not be available for you after you disable the cookies. You can look for these settings in the help function of your internet browser.

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