Writing A Thesis Statement

During the academic years, the students have assigned with boundless of the assignments and papers. These assignments and papers contribute to the results and grades of the students. These papers are assigned to the students to check the analytical and writing skills of the students and to examine the knowledge they have acquired. One of these assignments the most critical one is the thesis paper, but before writing the thesis paper, the students have to write their thesis statements. For this purpose, most of the students use the services of Top Tutor Bay for a perfect thesis statement. However, through this article we are providing them the guideline to make the task of writing a thesis statement easy for them. Therefore, the students who are willing to write it, can take help from this article. 

What is a thesis statement?

It is the main idea or the topic of your paper that specifies the limitation and draws a boundary for your paper. It identify what you have to discuss in the paper and the base idea of your paper. It is very essential part of a research paper and gets the most attention of the reader because before reading your paper the first thing that a reader looks for is the thesis statement. The reader gets the main idea of your paper form it, and this identifies whether the reader will read your complete or not. Therefore, if your thesis statement did not give the clear and the precise idea of your topic, then they will not be willing to read your paper, but if it is according to the requirements, attention-grabbing then it will gain the maximum attention of the reader, and the reader will keep on reading your paper.  

When a thesis statement is included in the paper?

It is placed right after the introduction of your topic and before the main body of the paper to serve as the pathway for the main idea of your paper. However, if you place your thesis statements at the beginning of the paper, then the reader will forget about the main idea of your paper by going through the introduction of the paper. Writing A Thesis Statement, go great after the introduction as it conceptualizes the paper.

Tips For Writing A Thesis Statement

Here are some simple and extraordinary tips that will help you to write it perfectly. Consider these steps;

Understand the topic:

A deep understanding of the topic is something that you must have before you starting your thesis statement. It is useless to try writing it if you do not have understanding and a grip on the topic. Researching on the topic and the reflection of personal experience will help you to gather more understanding and the information on the topic. If you get the real meaning of the topic, then it will become easy for you to write it your paper.

Limit your topic:

If you want to write an excellent paper, the best way is to know the length of your paper, according to the length of your paper, make the topic of your paper limited, and specify the element and points that you will cover in your paper. The more limited you make your topic, the more it will become easy for you to write it precisely. Keep in mind if your paper is longer than you have to cover the wide area of the topic to fulfill the requirement of the paper, so you have to specify the topic of your paper accordingly.


The best way before starting it, is brainstorming that will help you to gather all the ideas related to the topic. If you are confused about what could be a suitable thesis statement for you, then take a page and start writing the ideas that come in your mind related to the topic. Find out that if you get something new to write it comprehensively. Is there any theme that can suit the topic of your paper? Think about the ideas that you have gathered and use them to write it your paper. This method will allow you to generate a unique and eye caching thesis statement.

How to write it strongly?

The points mentioned above will make your mind and work as a planner for writing it, but the question is what the elements that can make a strong thesis statement. Here are just a few but very important elements that can make it attractive and strong.

  • Arguable- the strong thesis statement gives a direction to your complete paper, and it identifies the limits that are to be followed in the whole paper. It must be argumentative that will be further explained, argued and supported in the main body. If it is not arguable then there is no need to write a long paper in its support. The paper is only being worth writing when there is something to argue.
  • Supporting evidence- your thesis statement must carry proof the argument you have made. The supporting evidence for the argument will interest the reader to keep on reading your paper. The argument and the proof will make the reader curious to read your further arguments and the supporting pieces of evidence on the topic.
  • No question- your thesis statement must not contain any question. It is supposed to make the topic clear to the reader, but not to confuse the reader with a question. It is itself the answers of certain question. However, you do not have to make a list of answers, but you have to keep your thesis statement focused and precise.
A thesis statement can prove to be a successfull indicator for your completed paper as the focus of the reader is on your thesis statement. However, finding someone to help you in for thesis statement is a difficult thing itself. The teachers and the instructors can guide the students to write a good outline, specify the requirements and identify the mistakes, but they will not help the students more than one or two times, especially when they want to collect the information on your own. Most of the students can take help from their class fellows and friends, but they also do not have time to help them due to their academic tasks and daily routines. Besides this, most of the students are not good at writing, and they do not know how to write a research paper and a good thesis statement, so these tips cannot help them in the long run. Therefore, the best and easiest way to generate your thesis statement is to ask Top Tutor Bay to write your thesis statement. It is not a difficult task for our expert writers. Our professional writers will not waste your time and write a perfect thesis statement for you in a limited time So, you can ask us any time to Write My Thesis Statement. We charge low prices for our highly professional services. 

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