Nature vs Nurture Essay

The Negroid race is the most confined and enslaved people in America and some of the European countries, treating their population like this is a trend there. How could this situation affect society? What could be the best possible solution if they are naturally imprisoned? What could happen if the criminal and illegal trends are naturally found in these societies? These questions can strongly affect human relations policies. Moreover, the safe solution and better way to escape this situation are when if someone handles nature vs. nurture debate smartly and effectively. In this case, the only best way is to write a nature vs. nurture essay to execute thoughts and ideas. You will learn to write this type of essay and the way to outline the required preparation by pointing the nature versus nurture examples in this article.

Key Issues For The Nature Vs Nurture Essay

It is very important to have a deep understanding of the main issues; you must have some great ideas and concepts while thinking and writing the nature versus nurture essay. The key issues in nature versus nurture essay are:

  • The clear-cut definition of nature and what is its actual meaning
  • The clearest description of nature
  • Competently differentiate between nature and nurture
  • Estimate the effects of challenging realities of each aspect
  • Analysis of the justice system for criminal activity and its optimal necessities
  • Rising the idea and concept of how nature and nurture can bring positive effects in the society when they are connected.

A critic is one who knows preconceived notions and works accordingly or may have no biases, but he is motivated to explore and inspect the reality of the things. It is only possible when the scholar has already outlined the key issues to be resolved, and then he can go ahead to find out the other social issues and how these can relate to Nature vs Nurture Essay debate.

Meanings of Key Terms Used In the Essay

When you are trying to find out the meanings to define the nurture on the topic on the criminal justice system that already has given then the dictionary is the best thing to take help. However, you have to make extra efforts to find out the origin of the specific keywords and point out the change in usage of these keywords with the passage of time. This approach will reveal the usage of primary context, and you will get to know some issues and interests that increase the usage of these terms and expressions. For examples:

The Francis Galton (1887) had started the usage of ‘nature vs. nurture’ during the period when the Darwinian philosophies were setting its roots and raising, it had become necessary for the community of European intellectuals to form some standards and modals by using heritable and inheritable qualities to explain some serious issues of the society…”

By having knowledge of the origin of terms, when it was first used in the context and their diversion of time in the context, we can get an indication of the hidden issues that could be ignored by the unsuspecting mentality. Along with this, it is essential to find out the latest definition of nature vs. nurture. For instance, how much researches genetics and microbiology have done to find out the relation and the link between the natures vs. nurture that has been estimated? In this type of research and investigation rigour is required to discover the convincing and related resources to intensively engaging these sources by making possible efforts.

Literature Review For The Nature Vs. Nurture Essay

The in-depth analysis and research give detailed information on the process so that logical understanding of issues is developed and in this way, any investigation into new areas can be followed and acknowledged. This involves doing a complete review of the findings. For example, first you define the nurture and then identify the methodology to be used in this research then write literature review according to this.

The sources and references must be mentioned with all proper details and must be placed relevantly so it can give a better understanding of your context.  The unique ideas and the concepts present the best outlook of the nature vs. nurture essay as it gives the new insightful view to your debate.

Unattended Possibilities

Conducting researches and investigations is a useful and best appropriate way to have access to the unique ideas that could help you to write nature versus nurture essay.

For example:

“The possibilities of non-genetic inheritance were showed by Carey (2011). The link of molecules and environment around the chromosomes is the part of non-genetic mechanism…”

This guide can surprise us with the fast and complicated difference between nature and nurture. There might be many guides like this, and it is very necessary that one takes the responsibility of the thesis and find the obtainable information through research. To do the appropriate research ones required critical and analytical thinking and approach to get brief information, which is pointing out the issues between nature versus nurture.

Assembling Evidence From Nature Vs. Nurture Essay

When writing the thesis one must have collected the pieces of evidence that can justify and outline the main issues. It is important to have the strongest evidence for your all-vital statements and arrange them in the proper and standard way. After this, one should go along critically check the logical structure of the thesis to estimate its accuracy, expressiveness and complete outlook. Once everything is set, you are ready resolve your nature and nurture essay. In this case, the decision is made by analyzing the examples of nature vs. nurture.

Writing The Essay                                                              

Similar to most of the essays, nature versus nurture has following parts:

  • Introduction
  • The main body
  • Summery and the Conclusion

How to Start a Nature vs. Nurture Essay

This is the beginning point of the essay in which you have to give the introduction of your topic of the essay. In this step, you have to mention the issues and arguments you are going to discuss in your essay to engage the reader with it. It has happened more often that the essay is covering more than one issue, so the writer has to determine the gripping statement that can grab the attention of the reader by giving the examples of nature and nurture. The introduction also covers the reasons that are the base of your thesis. It will also introduce the key elements that will support the main argument and justify the rising objections in the thesis and the way we find out the results from nature versus nurture debate.

Here is an example of taking help to write the introduction of your nature and nurture essay:

“The incarceration of black African race in America and Europe is a trend, and the rate of color discrimination rate is very high and heavy bias, and inhuman actions against the victims of the criminal justice system are revealed by the police organization’s policies. This essay is deliberated to suspect the main statement of police authorities that nature forms the criminals, and they find it motivating and enjoyable to create the uncertain conditions in the state by increasing the anger and anxiety among the black population. By investigating the issues like the history of nature versus nurture debate and its scientific flaws, modern genetics, and microbiology, politics of race, this will tell you how scientific community has complicated the matter of violence against a race and tendency making them genocide.”

If you know how to start the nature vs. nurture essay by giving clear definitions of both, you can easily move on to the main argument of the essay.

Presenting the Main Arguments

Once you have stated the notion of nature vs nurture, the next most important part is moved on to the main argument of your essay for which you have already prepared the outlines to resolve the nature vs. nurture essay.

The standard way to form your paragraph is that every opening statement must follow the evidence for it to justify your point and give the analysis you have made to deal with the related objections.

“The political aims are more influential than the scientific ones in the history of nature and nurture debate. Moore (2016) has shown how the unsafe experimental modes had opened the new ground for this argument. The past researches are based on the dual studies that cannot use for causality, but the report of variation. However, the validity of these experiments was challenged by some scientists at the beginning of these methods…”

This pattern will be followed in all paragraphs, and then after this, the argument will be tied together according to the outlines.

Summarizing of the essay

In this step, you have to summarize all the facts and the term that is used in the nature vs. nurture essay. You restate your thesis in a precise way by showing the link and the connection between the premises that you have used. Then you have to state some suggestions and solutions that can be implemented in the future to debate nature vs. nurture effectively.


We have given you the complete outlook of nature versus nurture essay and its importance and how can we resolve this debate. We are confident that our article will help you to write the best nature vs. nurture. 

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