MLA Format and Citation

MLA Format

During the academic years, students have to make many assignments, and essays is the most frequents assignment that is assigned to the students. Most of the students are experts in writing the essay, but at a higher level when the essay is assigned to them in specific formatting and writing style so they become blank and do not know what the rules of that formatting style are and how to form the essay according to that formatting style.

There are many formatting and citation styles, but in this article, we are only focusing on the MLA Format and Citation, as this is used in most of the colleges, and MLA stands for Modern Language Association that covers the subjects of language, literature and humanities.

Guidelines of MLA Format and Citation Style

The MLA has set some standers for essay writing, which you have to follow when you are asked to write an essay following the MLA formatting and citation style. Here is a brief guideline of the MLA formatting style that will make your essay writing process easier.

General Formatting Tips

  • Font in MLA format Times New Roman, size 12 is used
  • Margins – set a 1-inch margin on all sides
  • Space double-space the text in your complete essay and use one space after punctuation marks and periods. Use double spacing between the title and the first line of the paragraph
  • Indent the first line of each paragraph will be half-inch indented from the edge of the left side. The Tab key is used for indenting rather than using the space button

Detailed Formatting Tips

Title – it is not necessary to make the title page, but if your instructor asked you to do so, then the first page will be called your title page. At the left corner of the page, write your name, write the name of your professor, and blow that you have to state the course name, and after the course, name writes the data on which you have made in this essay. Your title page will be created in the above-mentioned sequence and in the next line after the date, the title of your essay is mentioned in the center.

Header – to number all pages automatically, create a header on the right upper corner of the page one-half inch from the top. Write your name before the page number that is followed by a space. Avoid using abbreviations. Most of the professors do not prefer running headers, so try to follow the instructions of your teacher.

Headings - to organize the structure of your essay, the headings and subheadings are very important. It improves the quality of the essay, but its formatting not compulsory. Again, it depends on the demand of your instructor or professors if they gave you the instructions about it you have to follow the pattern. To include the headings in your paper divide the information into the parts and each part must contain specific and relevant information. The headings are mostly used for a lengthy paper, but if the essay is short, the headings are not included in such paper. Moreover, if your essay is a very lengthy divide heading into the subheadings. Here is a proper guide to make heading in your paper

Heading 1: first heading is bolded, flush and aligned with the left margin

Heading 2: second heading is written italic and also flush and aligned with the left margin

Heading 3: third heading is in the center of the page with bold text

Heading 4: fourth heading is also written at the center of the page and italicized

Heading 5: fifth heading is aligned with the left margin and underlined

Note: If you want, add sub-headings under the heading it sated as 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3 under the heading number 1 and in the other headings according to the heading number.

Citation – When you are including in-text citation use, italic and capitalize words for the long work like book or movie. Along with this, use quotation marks when referring to some of the sources. The citation includes the author name, title, page number, publication date, publishers, etc.

Work Cited: at the end of the paper, this list of used sources is cited on a separate page. This page has all the sources you have included in the main body in alphabetical order. Every entry begins with the flush with the left margin, and if an entry takes more than one line, the second line will be indented half an inch from the left margin. This format is known as hanging indention, and it can be a set program for automatic formation.

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The second part of the MLA Format and Citation article is to know about MLA Citation.

MLA Citation

What is a Citation?

The citation is the proof of the information, which you have used in your assignment, task, report, research paper, or any work. The citation is done when you directly quote the statement of authorized person in your work, and the citation is also included even when you paraphrase the quote in your paper. The citation included right after the quote in the body of the paper is called an in-text citation. In this kind of citation, the name of the author and the page number form you take is included. It is a brief way to tell the reader the authenticity of the information you have given so the reader cannot get distracted from the actual information.

What is MLA Citation?

The MLA citation is used for the projects in literature, liberal art, language, and the subjects of humanities. The MLA contracted from the Modern Language Association, and this organization focuses on literature and language-based research.

The complete citation in MLA is given on the page called MLA work cited page, which is also called a bibliography. All the resources of information that are used in the complete project can be found on the MLA works cited page. On this page, the complete information about the quotes you have used in your project. In includes the author’s name, publishing date, publisher, title, page number, URLs, and other information.

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Why is Citation important?

Citation is very important in a research paper and tells the reader that the information in your paper is authentic, and you are a responsible researcher who cares about the quality of the paper. The citation eliminates the risk of plagiarism as you did not copy the information from the other, but you have used the authentic resources and you also have cited them without giving the reader the feeling that it refers to you. Citation enhances the quality of your paper and makes it authentic.

Simple Guide of MLA Citation

Citation is a very difficult thing to understand and include in your paper, and most of the students are not familiar with its rules and importance. We know that it is a little complicated, but the expert of Top Tutor Bays has put their all efforts to make a simple guide for you so it could be easy for you to understand it. The purpose of this article is not to confuse you, but to give you an understanding of MLA citation in an essay way.

Before start writing, you must have to read them a lot of articles and books to get the relevant material on your topic, but when you start writing, you get confused that which statement is related to which writer. In this situation, you might make mistakes quite often. To avoid this type of situation, you must make the notes and drafts about the information you have collected along with following things so the MLA citation could be easy for you to include in your paper:

  • Name of Author
  • Title of publication
  • Name of Publisher
  • Name City of publication
  • Date of Publication
  • Volume and Issue Number
  • Page Numbers
  • Publication Medium

The notes of these headings will make citations easy for you. You must consider this step as necessary because there is no way to ignore it.

The difference between MLA In-text citation and MLA Work Cited

MLA In-text Citation

The in-text citation is included in the main body when you use any source in your project. The in-text citation includes the author’s name and page number in parentheses.

For example: (Mark 2370).

If you want to give the reference of a larger work that is already published like a movie, novel, or a book, this will be sited as Anderson, D Mark’s Medical Marijuana Laws and Suicides by Gender and Age.

It will be cited italic and capital letters.

If you refer to a smaller piece of work such as a poem or short stories, it will be written in the quotation marks without underline. See the example below

Raymond Carver's "Cathedral.”

MLA “Work Cited”

The complete citation of all the references in alphabetical order is given in the MLA work cited page at the end of the project. In this section, the reader can find more detail about the sources that were used in the main body.

Example Work Cited

Anderson, D Mark, "Medical Marijuana Laws and Suicides by
Gender and Age." American Journal of Public Health 104.12 (2014): 2369-2376.

As you can see that in the work citation, the referred source carried more detail as compared to the in-text citation that we have included in the main body.

MLA Citation of Electronic Publications

In this era of computer and science, everything has digitized, and even for writing, people use electronic publications. Therefore, the electronic content is always changing, so you have to give extra details when you use electronic publications. The following is the information you note and mention in your citation.

  • Author or Editor’ Name
  • Title of the work
  • Website Title, if distinct from the title of the work
  • Edition/Version if applicable
  • Sponsor  or Publisher of the website
  • Publication Date (day, month, and year).
  • Medium of publication (web)
  • Access Date (day, month, and year)

Have a look at the example:

Sarotte, Mary Elise. “How the Fall of the Berlin Wall Really Happened.” New York Times, 6 Nov 2019. Web. 30 Jan 2010.

The URL is not a part of MLA 8th style now, but if the instructor asks you about it or it is difficult to find the source without URL, so you have to give it too for the essay access to your source.

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MLA Format and Citation

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