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As a student of a school, college or university, you have to write various essays no matter what are your major subjects and field. Essay is written by following the standard guideline. Along with the Formatting, style the guideline also specifies the content of your essay. You need to collect your data by specifying the information you want to put in your essay, and this will make you about how to make the essay longer. However, if the topic of the essay is of your interest and you have any thoughts on topic, but when it comes to writing it in essay you will find yourself lost. You might have covered all the things you want to say about the topic, but there are still so many things, which you are missing in your essay and have to find out the way to make my essay longer and engaging for the reader. If you are struggling with this type of issues, then you are allowed to keep on reading this article, as it will tell you that how to make your essay lengthy and interesting to achieve the target word count without making your essay boring and dull for the writers. When Top Tutor Bay talks about making the essay longer we mean by this is to make the essay longer in words counts, but not by making the font size bigger and adding space, margins and wordy headers. No professional writer makes his essay longer by these deceptive ways because they know it is a very silly way to make essay bigger as at the end the thing that matters is the quality and the quantity of essays. If you think that, what are the ways to make your essay longer and relevant, and how to keep it informative and interesting then you will get all the answers to your questions in this article. We have merged the most efficient and important rules and suggestions to help you make your essay longer without neglecting the quality of your paper. Following this writing pattern will bring you good results.

Advice On How To Write Long Essays?

Conduct additional research It is impossible to write any paper without any pre-research. Before you start writing your paper, it is very important to research the topic of your paper. This is the key to write a long essay with relevant information. If you have conducted research on the topic, but do not get enough material to write your essay, then you have to research more about the topic to get more data to write in your paper. The detailed research on the topic will help you get the relevant and latest information for your essay. The proper research on the topic will give you the bundles of information for your essay, so you do not have to waste your time in thinking that “how can I make my essay longer”? The additional research will prove to be profitable to make your essay long.

Put together a detailed outline this is another way to divide proper word counts in every heading, so you do not worry about the word counts in your essay. You have to create detailed outlines with the help of research. In the outlines, make the important points that you want to cover and discuss in your essay so you can easily get them at the time of writing. The best way to put these points in particular order starts from the most important points to the least one. These outlines will help you to keep focused and guide you the points you have to cover throughout your essay writing process without leaving any important point. With the help of good outline you will never be stuck at any step of making your essay, and you will not get lost in the thoughts that “how can I make my essay longer”?

Add supporting evidence this is the most convenient and sure way to make your essay longer. You discuss the details of points and give pieces of evidence to justify your arguments logically. It is obvious that you have keep in mind the subject and the topic of your essay and what are the expectations of your professors from your submitted paper. However, extra evidence related to your topic will not give your essay a bad look.

How To Make My Essay Longer?

It is obvious that as the student, you have to write different kinds of essay. Therefore, if you are struggling with writing a specific type of essay then Top Tutor Bay also has effective tips for any particular type of essays:

Narrative Essay  in the narrative type of essay you have to explain some certain experiences. It is not necessary to be your personal experience or happened in reality; in this type of essay you have the freedom of creative expression. The main purpose of creating a narrative essay is to make it exciting and interesting for the readers; this is the main point you have to focus on making y your essay longer. It is the wider type of essay in which you can use jocks, stories within story and can give the outlook of an issue. Just pointing out an incident will not make your narrative essay good looking, so you have to mention as much detail as you can to make you essay attractive and engaging. You can also tell behind-story, add reviews and descriptions, etc and you will achieve the targeted word counts without even consciously thinking about them.

Argumentative Essay  in this type of essay you have to choose polarizing topic and select your one point of debate you agree to so you can justify that the standpoint to prove it right and opposite one wrong. It is very important to use facts and logic to rationalize your point rather than using emotional and improper language. The first most common and easy way to add more word in this type of essay is mentioning the pieces of evidence and logic in your essay. You have to add the relevant evidences in your paper so you can describe the reasons for their authenticity and how can they defend your point of view. Also, you can make your essay longer by inflating the argument of opposing side sooner you effectively admonish them.

Expository essay the expository essay is the kind of essay that always put the writer in thoughtfulness and doubt that how to write this long essay. In this essay type, you have to have to give the reader updates on the subject by representing it. The reader wants to get information about the topic; they do not have any interest in knowing your opinions and arguments. In this type of essay, you have to sate the clear facts only. You can increase the words count of expository essay by giving the references of your content like form where you get this information so reader can confirm it. The main thing is not just increasing the length of your paper but also increasing its quality. It is important to keep it in mind that the reader of your essay is your professors and they are masters in their subjects so they can identify any unauthentic information you have used. There must not be any doubt in your expository essay if there is any information in your paper, and then you have to give the reasons and explain why your sated information is correct and authentic. In this way, you can increase your words or number of pages and don’t worry about its length.

Review the review is the analysis and the estimation of something. There many types of reviews such as movie reviews, book review, product review, service review, review of an organization, etc. review is for the unaware people to introduce that thing to them in a precise way, so they get familiar about these things. It gives a better understanding of whether the customers want that product and service or not, or whether they avoid buying it. The review must have significant volume, so when you write a review, be careful about its word count. You can increase the length of your review by including the opinions of customers and surveys. You can state them directly to make it more understandable, it will increase the word counts of your essay. If are worried that it will make your paper subjective, then you are thinking in a wrong way because the reality is opposite as the reads enjoy reading the real-life opinions of the people. Also, there comment can also work as proofs to support your conclusion of the review. Such addition of opinions in your review will not make it devastating, but increase the number of pages and words.

Other essays  if you are assigned with any other type of essay rather than the above-mentioned essay and worrying that “how can I make my essay longer”? Do not worry, we have some more effective and useful practical suggestions for you to make your essay writing lengthier, so you do not have to ask anyone that how can I Make My Essay Longer and know all the tricks to make it as lengthy as you want. You can get the essay checked by someone in your family or some professional writer who can point out flaws and which point need more clarification. When you are re-reading your essay, you can easily examine the weak points in your essay. No matter if you have given the opinions of people in your easy it will remain your essay as it will be count as the valid source of data that makes your essay longer. There is another way to increase your word counts are to discuss an off-topic and explain how it is linked with your topic. You can do further discussions on your topic by discussing some relevant suggestions and aspects. A professional writer never asks “how to make my essay longer”? He knows all the skills to make it lengthy and high quality. So if you follow all these suggestions and recommendation, then you will never face this irritating question of how to write a long essay. Once you get expert in it the other will ask you how I can make my essay longer, and you will love to answer them. You will get thousands of ideas to make your essay longer and able to write the quality-oriented essay without thinking about the word counts. Stop focusing on the quantity; you will automatically achieve it by giving attention to the quality. 

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