How To Write a Reflective Essay

What is a Reflective Essay?

Reflection Essay is the best way to describe and analyze the thoughts about what you have experienced and observed. This observation could be about a book, a movie, an event and anything that gave you an influential experience. It is about how that experience and piece of art has changed your perception and how you think about them. The reflection essay is a subjective type of Essay that covers your personal experiences and the concepts; it does not include frequent research. Besides this, it is very important to write it in a good manner properly.

This essay is often assigned to the students by their teachers and professors to know knowledge and the observational skills of the students. The reflective Essay has its specification, and it must not be considered too easy. Not everyone knows “how to write a reflective essay”. If you cannot write a reflective essay, you can visit Reflective Essay Writing Service to get a good quality reflective essay at Top Tutor Bay.

Why Reflective Writing?

Reflective writing gives chance to the person to analyze how his experiences and observation have changed his perception and the way of thinking. The reflective writing activity is used by the professors to encourage the students to explore new ideas and express them rather than following the ideas of others. This activity enhances the analytical skills of the students to express their new ideas, and this builds confidence in the students. This helps us to know how differently the same thing has influenced the personality and the point of view of the people. It is very surprising to see that everyone gets significantly different ideas and the perception of the things and the experiences.

Type of Reflective Essay

It is important to understand the types of the reflective essay as it indicates the writing process according to the type of the essay.

There are three main types of reflection essay:

  • Educational reflective Essay – this type of reflective Essay discusses the responses of the students in the book, lecture, and movie in the academic premises to know what students have perceived.
  • Professional reflective Essay – this Essay is used to analyze the professional behavior of the teachers, officials, and social workers.
  • Personal reflective essay – in this type of Essay the person has to express and explore his thoughts on a certain experience and how it has shaped the thoughts of that person.
  • Among them, all the educational reflection Essay is most commonly used. Therefore, we will be focusing this type of reflective essay in our article.

Although the basics of all the types are same, so you can take the benefit for the general tips that are extensive. Here are some of the basic elements to understand writing a reflective essay.

Choose the topic of your Essay

Selecting a topic and the subject is the important key to write the best reflective essay. The topic of educational reflective Essay could be a book, movie or a lecture that the students have taken in their class. Students are assigned one of these topics to express their personal experience about it. Most of the times, you get a chance to select the topic of your choice. After selecting the topic of your choice, you still have to give a lot of time and effort to know what you want to write about it.

When you are selecting the topic, pay your attention to it and deeply analyze the theme of the subject. The theme will play the role of strong base for your reflective essay.

Brainstorming and outline

If you do not consider it important, then you must not take it for granted because it is very important to write an effective reflection Essay.

When you search on the website about writing a reflective essay, there will appear so many websites that will give you the guideline to make the outlines of your essay. Create some content that is relevant to your main theme and use it as the base of your whole essay. Merge all the ideas and the information that is related to your thesis statement. While brainstorming, keep the factor in mind that the main purpose of the Reflective Essay is to present your personal opinions and ideas.

Many different styles of brainstorming are used by students like graphs, charts, diagrams, lists, and pictures. The main purpose of brainstorming is to have a rough guideline to write the essay. In this way you do not have to worry about the structure of your essay, as outlines will help you to cover all the points and ideas in your essay

The Structure of Reflective Essay

Once you have selected the topic for your Essay iris very important for you to understand the structure of reflective essay. There are three main parts of the structure of the reflective essay.


In this starting section, you have to give the definition or the introduction of your topic in a very precise way and give the hook statement to get the reader involved and interested in the essay. Give the idea of the main theme of your essay and ask some reflective questions to engage the readers. At the end of this section, give your thesis statement.

Main body

The main body is a very essential part of your essay. In the main body, you have to bring out your thoughts and ideas. At first, explain and justify your thesis statement by giving the facts. Give out your personal experiences and the ideas related to the topic. To prove your ideas and concepts right give examples, and pieces of evidence from the authentic resources and at the end of the section cite the resources.


This is the last paragraph of your Essay, which is the reflection of your complete essay. You have to summarize and bring together all your ideas and thoughts you have explained before. Give the answers to the questions you have made at the start of your essay. Describe your point of view about the topic and close this section by supporting your thesis statement. You can also give some suggestions and opinions in the end.

How to Write a Reflective Essay

We know that everyone follows his writing style while writing reflective essay as this type of essay gives you a lot of freedom. Here are some of the general tips we give to write a reflective essay.

  • Precise and Short – keep this fact in mind that the reflective essay is a short essay of 250 to 800 words. Do not give long explanations. Stick to the main theme and the ideas.
  • Brief and Clear – do not confuse between your ideas and thought. Firstly, clear ideas in your mind, and then it could be understandable for the reader too.
  • Use the Proper Language – although it is your personal piece of an essay, but you still have to academic and proper language to give the proof of sensibility.
  • Cite the sources – cite the authorized sources in your essay, which you have used to support your opinions.
  • Do not copy – it is very important to make your essay flawless and efficient to not to copy the ideas and content of others as it will make your essay plagiarized and unacceptable.
  • Proofread – once you have done with the writing process, it's time to critically check your essay and make sure that it is grammatically, structurally, and lexically correct.
We hope that the question “for writing a reflective essay” will not bother you anymore. This article will help to understand all the important elements of writing a reflective essay, but if you still have some confusion about this essay or any other academic Essay then do not feel hesitation to Top Tutor Bay website to get the solution of all your academic problems.

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