How To Write A Narrative Essay

If you have an amazing story of an incident to share with people, then the narrative essay is a great opportunity for you because it allows you to state your emotions feelings and thoughts related to that incident in the form of an essay. A narrative essay is mostly assigned to the students of High School and colleges to improve their skills of writing, understanding, and storytelling. This is the most exciting type of essay for students because through this essay and students get a chance to discuss a memorable experience of their lives.

Like other essays, narrative essay writing also follows a proper process and steps, which you have to keep in mind while writing a narrative essay. Therefore, Top Tutor Bay has invested some essential tips and steps in writing a good narrative essay. Although, Narrative essay writing is an exciting task, it requires a lot of effort and attention Make it an understandable piece of writing for the reader because as this essay is about your experience of the story, but you still have to be very careful about how you present your thoughts feelings and emotions to the reader. Therefore, you first have to understand what narrative essay is and How to Write A Narrative Essay as this is the only way to impress your reader.

What is the narrative essay?

The narrative essay definition varies according to the different levels and the requirement of the professors, but in simple words, a narrative essay is a type of writing that allows the writer to express the life experience or incidents in an inspirational and positive way. In the narrative, you have to state every detail that you felt at that time like pain, sorrow, smell, touch,  emotions and things like that. The main purpose of this essay is not to tell a story to express the emotions and feelings related to the specific experience to give the reader an in-depth understanding of your experience.

 To do so, you have to follow the guide about how to write a narrative essay step by step So you can easily write an excellent narrative essay to impress your professor and gain the maximum marks and appreciation.

Step by step guide to writing a narrative essay

To give the proper image of your experience to make the reader, you have to build a well-structured essay. For this purpose, you also have to consider pre and post writing steps to improve the quality of the essay.

Manage your time

The first thing you have to focus on is to manage your time to get some free and quality time to pay attention to your essay. In the busy routines, nobody has time to give all their potential to a single task, which leads to the delay of the task, and the deadline came very close that the student starts panicking.  This is the main reason the students remain unable to write a good narrative essay on time. Therefore, you have to make sure that you give good quality time in your essay to complete it before the deadline because the late submission of the essay is not acceptable by the professor and your efforts are wasted.  If you manage your time, it will take only 1 to 2 days for the completion of your essay. On the other hand, if you do not manage your time, it will take and waste your many days so time management is very important.

Select your topic

Once you have managed your time, the next step is to consider your topic. For this purpose, you have to give yourself sometimes and think about the most interesting and inspiring story of your life that you think can impress the reader and hold the factor of inspiration and motivation. However,  most of the time the narrative essay topic is assigned to you by your professors and you have to bring out the story or experience that is related to the topic and can cover all the expects of it.

Think and brainstorm

Once you have selected the topic or the topic that is assigned to you, start thinking about it to gather all the factors and elements that lie within it. Make sure that you think and brainstorm about all the details from starting to the end about all the characters, situations, time and scenarios. These details are very important to mention in your narrative essay because without these details and information, and it will be unable for the reader to understand the main point and the purpose of writing.  While thinking about your experience and thoughts, you have to make the notes of every detail that came in your mind so you can use them in your essay to convey your clear point of view and the story to the reader. Brainstorming about the topic is very important there for you have to make sure that you never forget this step before writing your essay because it helps you to focus on the main idea and fulfill all the requirements of the topic.

Create a draft

Draft is important to understand how to start a narrative essay. The draft is the first point where you start writing your essay, although it is not what we call proper writing, but it helps you to start and end your essay smoothly, but to make a draft or write an outline, the writer must know the narrative essay structure. It depends on five paragraphs; first one is an introductory paragraph that tells about the topic and its background, the three paragraphs that underlies the introductory paragraph holds the main story or experience which you want to share with the reader and the last one is a concluding paragraph that discusses what results you have gained and lessons you have learned from your experience. Make an outline of the narrative essay; you just have to state the major points under the relevant heading in a precise way so when you start writing your essay properly, you have to provide the details of this shortened information. In this way, these outlines will help you to write your essay without any difficulty.

Start with the introduction

Once you are done with your pre-writing steps, you can start writing a Narrative Essay from the introductory paragraph. The introductory paragraph of the narrative essay starts with a hook statement to engage the reader and develop the interest. The hook statement must be an action to give the reader a straightforward introduction of the topic and after this, you have to provide information about its background for a better understanding of the topic. At the end of the introduction, you have to state your thesis statement to provide the purpose of your essay. The thesis statement should be made very carefully because it is an essential part of your essay and get the maximum attention of the reader. The thesis statement should convey the main purpose of your essay, the reason for writing this narrative essay.

Main Body

The main body contains the experience or incident that spreads on three main paragraphs. You have to keep in mind the storyline element because most of the story contains characters, plot, setting, and other components. These elements are important to grab the attention of the reader and to give them an overview of these elements to let the reader think about them. Along with this, you also have to provide some arguments to support your point of view and opinions, and you can also use different references to display your thoughts and explain different behaviors and situations. Make sure that you identify your role in the story and provide the details of the event for a better understanding of the reader. There is no need to give the details the elements that are not relevant to your story because it confuses The Reader and makes your essay too wordy. Try to provide specific details that are needed and relevant to the event and the situation.


Attend the essay you have to provide you are ending thoughts and the lesson you have learned from this experience. You can also provide the reader with some suggestions and facts with the help of references and state results of your essay. This is important to understand the main purpose of your essay that you have stated in your thesis statement.


 Once you have done with your writing step, here comes the post-writing step, which is proofreading. This is necessary to enhance the quality of your essay because it helps you to identify the mistakes and drawbacks that your essay holds. For this purpose, give some gap between writing and proofreading steps to refresh your mind, and then start proofreading your essay thoroughly and try to overcome all the errors and mistakes right after you identify them.  This is the best free to improve the quality of the essay and make it error-free.  You can also take the help of your elders, but first, you have to do it yourself, then ask friend an elder to proofread your essay and identify the mistakes. In this way, you can also correct the mistakes that are ignored by you.

Tips for writing an excellent narrative essay

Use clear and proper language: You have to use proper and simple language in your essay so the reader can understand what you are trying to tell them. Along with this, make sure that your essay is free of all language errors and mistakes like the medical structural and spelling mistakes because these mistakes irritate the reader and give them a very bad impression of your essay, so they do not prefer to read an essay, which is full of mistakes and errors.

Follow the requirements: Make sure that you fulfill all the requirements of the narrative essay that are assigned to you by your professor because this is the first thing they look up in your essay and if you do not follow the guidelines of your professor then it will be a clear rejection for them. Therefore, it is important to follow all the requirements to write your essay and then they will check these requirements once you are done with your writing to make sure that you fulfill the requirements of professors.

Do not copy: Try not to copy the ideas of others because it will lead you to the offense of plagiarism. The plagiarized and copied content is never acceptable by the professors and it can put you in a troublesome situation.  Therefore, never use story e or ideas of others if you want to get success.

Format: The narrative essay format is based on the requirement of the professor, or you can choose the frequently used formats like APA, MLA and Harvard. Check the guidelines of your professor for the format consultation.

Highlight the crucial moments: it is important to highlight the most significant moments of the event you are discussing so the reader can easily understand the influence of these moments on the outcome and identify them.

Read some examples: before you start writing, it is important to read some narrative essay examples for a better understanding of the type of essay. You can visit the website of Top Tutor Bay to read some examples of narrative essays and take narrative essay help from the high-quality samples.

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