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The students have to do also of assignments during their academic career, and Essay Writing is one of them. The practice of writing an essay starts from the school level and goes all along to the university level, but with time this assignment gets more critical and time-consuming. The essay writing is an analytical and creative task and writes an essay, the writer has to follow particular rules and structure. As the essay is a short piece of writing, but the students need to write and analytical skills and understanding of the writing an essay to make their essay flawless. To make essay-writing easy for you, Top Tutor Bay has compiled easy systematic guide to make this difficult task easy for you.

Types of essay

Before we jump to the preparing and the writing step an essay, you need to know about the types of essay that are:

  • Narrative- this is a story like an essay, in this essay story and experiences are shared
  • Descriptive- this is like a detailed essay in which you write every detail of your experience
  • Expository- in this essay writer explain and clarifies the facts to the reader through a systematic guide
  • Persuasive- is written to convince the reader at some certain point of views
  • Argumentative- it is a discussion on a controversial topic, and the writer has to support one side by providing the pieces of evidence
  • Problem Solution- this essay takes account of the problem and grab the attention of the reader to the problem and also suggest some solutions
  • Compare and Contrast- this essay identifies the differences and the similarities between two objects

Planning Of Essay Writing

The most important thing, which students miss in the process of writing an essay, is planning to write an essay and preparing their mind to write an essay. This is the major reason that the students get confused while writing and keep asking how to write an essay. Here are the preparation steps that a student must consider before he starts writing the essay.

  • Manage Your Time- Everybody knows the importance of the time, and as far as an essay is concerned, you need plenty of time to plan and write your essay. Try to free and dedicate your quality time for your essay the more quality time you give to your essay, it will return to in the same manner. When you manage your time you get ample time for each step from planning to write until proofreading your essay without any stress.
  • Select Your Topic- The topic is the base of your essay, and the topic is the thing that can make or break your essay, so make sure you have the understanding and the knowledge of the topic you select for your essay. If you do not have a hold on the topic, it would be difficult for you to write the essay that is required to write. Therefore, think about the topics many twice before you select the one, compare the topic and find ours which is more interesting for you and the topic you know more. Once you have selected your topic, then you have to specify the limit of your topic, the aspects of the topic you want to cover in your paper according to the length of your essay. If the essay is short then you have to narrow down your topic. This will help you to keep the main idea and the topic of your essay in control, and it will not distract your writing and confuse the reader.
  • Research The Topic- For the in-depth knowledge and the understanding of the topic, conduct research on the topic you have selected. The research will help you to know more about the topic and clarify your points. To conduct research you can take help from books, articles, magazines, and the internet. The internet is the most convenient way for the research, as you do not have to go to the libraries and search for the material in the books as you can get all the details of the topic just in one click and have the facility to read online books. Make the notes of the points you come through and list down the references of the authentic sources to cite them in your essay as evidence of your argument. Write the information under a specific category; this will help you to arrange your essay.  
  • Brainstorming- You have to understand that you cannot write an essay until you do not have the ideas to write your essay. For this purpose, brainstorming will help you. In this step, you have to sit down and think about your topic and write every point and idea that comes into your mind related to the topic. Brainstorming will help you to develop the ideas for the topic more deeply. When you make notes of these ideas, there is less chance to lose any of the important ideas.
  • Structure- The essay follows a specific structure that is necessary to write your essay in a synchronized way. Keep this structure in mind, as according to these outlines, you have to divide your ideas and information.
  1. The introduction
  2. The Main Body of the essay
  3. The Conclusion
  4. The Reference list

The Essay Writing Guide

Once you have made a plan and mentally prepared, then you are all ready to write your essay efficiently. Writing an essay will take lesser time if you have done all the preparations. 


This section introduces the topic of the essay. The first line of the introduction must be a hook sentence to grab the attention of the reader towards your essay. This line has to be eye-catching and attractive. After that, give brief information about the background of the topic to make your topic clear to the reader. Once you have introduced your topic right after this at the end of the introduction give your thesis statements, and again this should be interesting for the reader, as it will determine whether the reader read it or not.

Main Body

This section of your essay holds all the ideas, arguments, explanations and pieces of evidence related to the topic. The main body has minimum 3 to 5 paragraphs. Each paragraph starts with the introduction of the argument or ideas and the remaining paragraphs discuss, argue and provide shreds of evidence for the support of that idea. Make sure you provide the relevant and authentic pieces of evidence for the justification of your arguments. To support your points you also have to give time-consuming examples from real life. Make sure all the points and the proofs you give are factual. Do not make a statement that does not have authentic background.


The conclusion is the closing section of your essay. It presents a summary of your complete essay. In this section, you can suggest the topic. Do not give a new idea and the information in the conclusion because you are enclosing your essay, but not starting it, so be careful about this point. The suggestions will help in further research on the topic.

Reference list

The reference list goes at the end of your complete essay. This list carries all the authentic sources you have used in your essay. All the cited sources are arranged in alphabetical order in this list. This list will follow the rules of the formatting style that is assigned to you by your professors.

Tips To Make Your Essay Efficient

  • Proper language – when you are writing your essay, pay special attention to your sentence structure and the vocabulary you use in your essay. If the language you are using is not grammatically accurate, then it will destroy the outlook of your essay as grammatical and spelling mistakes give a very bad impression to the reader. Therefore, to write an excellent essay make sure you use accurate and the proper language to convey your ideas to the reader.
  • Define terms – the specific terms that you have used in your essay must be defined for the reader to clear your point of view.
  • Revise your essay – when you are writing essay keep on revising your essay time to time this will help you to overcome your mistake side by side writing and maintain the quality of your essay
  • Do not copy – if you want to protect yourself from the offense of plagiarism, then you have to make sure that you do not copy the ideas of others and never forget to cite the source you have used in your essay. In this way, you can eliminate the risk of plagiarism.  
  • Proofread – once you are done with the writing process and your essay is complete, give1 to 2 day gap to proofread it. First, proofread your essay on your own and then ask your friends and family member to read it. This will help you to find out your hidden mistakes and overcome them before you finally submit it.
This is all you have to do to make your essay efficient and flawless, but it is considered truth that not every student is an expert in writing, and no guide and tips can help them to improve their writing and analytical skills, so what these students can do to write their essay perfectly? The easy way to get out of such situation is to ask Top Tutor Bay for the Essay Writing Service as we have the expert writers who have been in this filed for so long and know how to tackle the problems of the students. Hurry up and place your order on our website to get your perfect essay from us. 

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