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Top Tutor Bay provides you Descriptive Essay Writing Service, if you need. No matter how urgent you need it, or how much challenging your essay topic is; we can do it. And be assured, quality will never be compromised. A Descriptive essay is a specific type of essay which is usually encountered at the high school level. A good Descriptive Essay Writing is a skill which is needed for students. These essays also appear in graduate and university levels. The skills of writing a descriptive essay always come handy in writing other kinds of essays and making those engaging as well. If you need a Descriptive Essay then Top Tutor Bay offers a unique and professional Descriptive Essay Writing Service to you.

What is a Descriptive Essay?

A descriptive essay is a form of academic writing in which the essay is built around the detailed description of a building, person, place, situation, event, etc. Descriptive writing aims to describe the point-of-focus in a manner that the reader can easily imagine the details of the subject in their mind in the exact state it was meant to be shown.

A Good Descriptive Essay Needs

For writing a good descriptive essay, an outline can come handy. Listing of all the characteristics, features and facts about the subject-in-focus can help the writer throughout the essay writing process.

Like any other essay, give the reader something interesting in the introductory paragraph to hold on it. Introduce it to your subject in focus, idea, or topic. Give the reader a peek into your main idea to keep him reading. Decide on the main idea of the essay around which your paragraphs will be formed. Like any other good essay, organize your essay paragraphs by starting with the topic sentence and then providing the supporting details. Lastly, writing an all-inclusive wrapped up conclusion will present the main idea with support. Proofreading after some time can help the writer make it better.

Tips to Consider

It should have a well structured and balanced outline. The main body of the essay needs to have a main idea followed by supporting ideas. The conclusion should represent the personal feelings, analysis, or emotions showing the influence of the subject in focus on the writer. Grouping of similar and opposing qualities, while describing the subject-in-focus, can help the reader better picture the subject.

It is good for a descriptive essay to include comparisons, a variety of transition words, emotions, creativity, and subjective clauses. However, it is not wise to include a general description, switching of tenses, and repetitive use of the same words, and unnecessary adjectives in a descriptive essay.

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