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The College Essay is a paper that a student writes to the college authorities to show his keen interest to take admission in that college. This essay is the best opportunity for the students to tell the admission selection boards about their skills and brilliance and to convince them to prefer you over other students. It seems very easy to write an essay, but it is very difficult to convince someone through your writing because not everyone has the same mindset and the way of thinking and writing. Therefore, essay writing becomes very complicated and confusing sometimes because while writing you also have to keep in mind the readers, which are the college authorities. This is the reason that you must be careful while writing your essay. However, most of the time, students remain too confused about this essay and keep asking about Essay Help and how to write a college essay, but do not have to worry now because Top Tutor Bay has brought a brief guide and tips to make your task easy for you. We are sure that this article will help you in making your essay efficient. Have a look at easy and short step-to-step guidelines.

Steps to Write a College Essay

Each point we are stating here is important to make it efficient once you have prepared your mind to write a college essay.

Manage your time

The first thing that you have to do is to their and free your time for this important task because this essay will determine your academic career. Therefore, if you are passionate about your studies and academic success, then you have to give your potential and quality time for this essay. Another thing that you have to keep in mind while managing your time is the deadline to submit this essay. Make sure to follow the deadline and prepare the timetable accordingly. No matter if you write your essay perfectly but do not complete it on time, and then it is of no use. The college authorities never accept a late submission of a college essay, which means that that person has already lost the game. Time is the key to success, so if you use it at the wrong door, then how could that key open the right door for you.

Read the Instruction Carefully

First, read the instructions that are given to you by the college authorities to write your essay following these requirements. The instruction form the college officials are essentially and necessary to fulfill your want to impress them because they look for these requirements before anything to see whether you have accomplished them or not. Moreover, if you do not fulfill them, then it will give a very bad impression on them, and they will reject your essay without reading it. So carefully read the instruction paper when you get it before doing anything and also take the help of these instructions while writing the essay. These instructions mostly carry the last date, formatting style, font size, page layout, word count and other things like that.

Select the Topic of your Essay

The topic of your essay should be the thing, event, or incident that motivates you and which has influenced your way of thinking and changed your life. The topic of your essay mainly based on your personality and mindset and draws your image from your essay. Therefore, the topic of your essay must be strong, positive, and inspiring that can give a good image to the reader. The best way to select one of the best incidents and the event of your life is to remember them, enlist them on a paper, and analyze them to find out which is more efficient and inspirational than others. In this way, you will get the best topic for your essay.

Brainstorm and Gather your Thoughts

Brainstorming is the next step after you have selected the topic of your essay. Sit down with pen and paper in a silent place and commemorate that experience or event you have selected as a topic of your essay and write down all the important elements from starting to end. This will help you to keep your essay focused without stating the unnecessary details. Along with this, brainstorming will help you not miss any important detail while writing your essay. Note every thought that comes in your mind related to the topic and how it influenced you and changed your life by inspiring and motivating you. Make the rough drafts of the point that you want to discuss in your paper.

Make outlines

The structure of an essay is based on the three main points that are the introduction, main body, and a conclusion, but before starting, discuss them in detail, make an outline of them. In the outline, as it is a part of planning, you have to write the precise and summarized information underneath the main headings in 2 to 3 lines. Therefore, the outline will make your task easier in a way when you will start writing; you have to break this summarized outline into the detailed information.

Start writing your College Essay

Once you have made your plan and prepared yourself for the essay, you are all set to write your essay efficiently. Here is the way to write your essay properly.


The introduction of a college essay must be interesting and engaging for the reader, and it is only possible then that the reader further read your essay. You should impose ad state some inquisitive information that the reader keeps on reading to know what happens next.  Introduce the theme of your essay which is an essential thing that the reader what to know before reading the complete essay. Give a brief introduction of your theme in this section to let the reader know what you are going to discuss in your essay. State your thesis statement at the end of the introduction.

Main Body

The main body of the essay consists of three to four paragraphs in which you have to discuss the detail of your topic, ideas, and pieces of evidence to support your point. In this essay, every paragraph should be interconnected with each other and do not try to introduce a new idea within a paragraph; this is will divert the attention of the reader and confuse him. Keep your essay focused on the main idea from starting until the end. Keep in mind that you do have to state your personal story but not recycled. Try to make your story unique and different from others and do not jump one story to another by giving long details.


The conclusion of the essay is the summarized form of your complete essay. While writing your conclusion, to be careful and focused and try to answer a particular question by including the impact of that experience on your life. Do not pose any new idea in the conclusion. Your conclusion should be short and precise because you have to complete your essay in the given word counts and do not use filler words as these words will only increase your words.

Tip to Make your College Essay Flawless

Here are some additional tips that you must consider while writing your essay, as these will improve the quality of your content. You might task them as a little thing, but they can make a huge difference.

Use Proper Language and Tone

Accurate grammatical structure and spelling are necessary for writing any paper. Besides this, when you are writing an academic paper or essay, you have to be selective about the words and tone you use to convey your message, although the college essay is based on your experience but you have to keep in mind that it will be read by the college authorities. Therefore, you have to use professional language and do not use informal words. However, when we talk about the tone of language, it means the positive, negative, or emotional approach you use in your essay. For this purpose, you have to choose a positive and inspiring tone because nobody reads a self-pity story that does not contain a strong and motivational message. The positive and accurate language enhances the quality of your essay because what you speak makes an impact.

Do not Copy others

This is the most common mistake that students make while writing their college essays by copying and rewriting the stories of other students or copying them from the internet. These things happen because they do not know the purpose of the essay and unaware of the seriousness of plagiarism and how badly this offense can affect their academic career. The students have to understand that the college selection committee only wants to know about you and interpersonal skills. Whenever you give them plagiarized essay, the authorities highly condemn your act and then how can anyone expect to be selected. The plagiarized and copied content is a big no and not acceptable.

Revise and Proofread your essay

While you are writing your essay, keep revising, it will help you to overcome mistakes side by side, but once you finished your writing process, take the rest of one to two days and then proofread your complete essay thoroughly. Edit all the mistakes and shortcomings and then ask any sincere person to do a critical review of your essay. In this way, you will get to know about more mistakes and the flaws of your essay to edit them before you finally send it to the college authorities. This step will make your essay flawless and excellent. However, if you do not know how to proofread or do not have anyone who can do it for you, then do not worry because the experts of Top Tutor Bay are always here to favor you.

Are you still confused?

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