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Everyone has to write different assignments, papers, essays, reports, and projects which are the most difficult task for the students, but when the teacher assigns them specific formatting and citation style, their task becomes complicated for them. In addition, the situation becomes worse when a very teacher assigns them a different style and it is obvious that students do not know all the formatting and citation styles. Therefore, the students get confused and are unable to complete their task. The professors give instructions to the students and ask them to fulfill them, which is quite unfair. This is the reason that Top Tutor Bay has taken pledge help the student and provides them the proper guideline for the formatting and writing styles. In this article, we will give a brief guideline of the Chicago Format so you can easily take help from this article to format your paper according to the requirements.

General Formatting

  • Chicago format style includes a 1-inch margin on all four sides
  • The font size must be 12pt and styles will always Time New Roman
  • The first line of every paragraph will be indented a half inch including the block quote and bibliographic indent
  • All pages will contain page number in the header starting from the first page till the bibliography page  
  • Number your all pages excluding cover page and then start from number 1 and number all the subsequently till the bibliography page

Order of your paper

In the Chicago format and citation style, you have to use the following pattern of the paper:

  • Title page/ cover page
  • The main body of the paper
  • Appendix
  • Endnote
  • Bibliography

Format of title page

  • Write the title of your paper halfway down in the center
  • If the paper has subtitled then place a colon at the end of the title and on the next line write the subtitle of your page
  • Your name will be placed at the center under the title of the paper
  • The name of your teacher is placed under your name in the center, and the course title and the data will be placed underneath the name on the separate lines
  • You do not have to underline, bold or use any different font to make your cover page prominent
  • The page number will be not added to the cover page and it will also not included in your total page counts
  • Font style Time New Roman, size 12 is used to write the cover page

Rules for headings for Chicago Format

  • The subheadings can be aligned to the left margin or can be centered
  • Most important subheadings should appear prominently, so they must be placed at the center. In simple words, the subheading becomes more prominent when these are centered, bold, italicized and written in the capitalized style as compare to the headings that are aligned to the left and not in capitalized style.
  • The subheadings do not have a period at the end
  • Before the subheading gives more space rather than putting more space at the end
  • For a chapter, your paper must carry at least two headings otherwise will not able to give a proper structure to your paper.
  • Do not place a subheading at the end of the page
  • You should not use subheadings if your paper has limited sections

Format of Notes

  • The footnotes are placed at the end of the page, where the sources are used for the reference of the context. Whereas the endnotes are placed after the main body on a separate page
  • Add the note number at the end of the sentence in which the source is included and superscript it after punctuations
  • In the footnotes, the first line of all entries is an indented half inch but the followed line of each entry will be flushed left.
  • If you ate including the endnotes in your paper, then write ‘Note’ as the title on the separate page and use Time New Roman in size 12 to write it without bolding the text.
  • All notes will use Time New Roman, size 12
  • The number is full-sized in the note and followed by a period
  • The notes will be written in single spacing
  • Do not use Roman numerals; you have to use Arabic numerals only
  • Every entry will contain an individual number; a number will not be used for any other entry
  • The source you are using again, write the shortened citation after the second reference
  • Insert semicolon to separate each citation if you are using multiple sources
  • Two note numbers are never placed at the end of the s sentence
  • Use Ibid right after the work you are citing again

Format of Bibliography

  • The bibliography is a completely separate new page
  • It is always on the end page titled as “bibliography” in the center of the page
  • The title of this page is written in the Time New Roman in 12 pt. Do not bold this heading
  • The bibliography uses hanging-indent. The first line of each entry is aligned to the left margin, but the subsequent line will be indented half an inch. This format is opposite to the notes
  • The bibliography is always arranged in alphabetic order
  • The citation is typed with single spacing and has a blank line in each citation entry
  • If you have used two works by the same writer, then follow their publication date to place them in order
This is the complete step by the guide of Chicago format that will help you to format your paper perfectly. Top Tutor Bay has made your task easy for you, but if you are still confused about the Chicago Format and citation, we are willing to help you as we have the expert in writing the paper following the formatting and citation style. You can ask our writer to do the formatting and citation of your paper at any time. We guarantee that you will get the best-formatted and cited paper from us that will help you gain good marks in your assignment. Chicago Format

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