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Top Tutor Bay provides Argumentative Essays Writing Service on a wide area of topics, related to various subjects and disciplines. Our customer can place an order for an Argumentative Essays. Our writers are capable enough to deliver the essay well before time, even if the deadline is too close. Here, we do not refuse any difficult topics or complicated essays. Our writers are well equipped to provide you with your level of satisfaction regarding a good and healthy argumentative essay.

An argumentative essay is an essay in which you are trying to convince others to agree with your argument or opinion. It is done by providing research-driven arguments. For writing an argumentative essay, first need to know the structure which is followed while writing an argumentative essay. A good argumentative essay has an interesting topic. It will be easier if one has prior knowledge of the topic before writing an argumentative essay. It does not mean that the writer has to know everything; however, some foundational knowledge with good evidence is required to establish one’s opinion.

It is helpful to create an outline before writing an essay. The introduction is the first paragraph in which one introduces the reader to its topic and thesis statement. The introduction should be interesting enough to make the reader keep reading the essay. Some background of the debate should then be provided to give the reader some clarification. The thesis statement included in the first Para should be concise, interesting and clear to the reader.

Next comes the supporting paragraphs in which one needs to put forward its arguments with supporting evidence to defend its point of view. Each supporting paragraph should have a single theme and needs to have a topic sentence which gives the introduction to the claim. There can be one or more supporting paragraph; however, there should be at least three supporting paragraphs in a good argumentative essay. One cannot just state something; it has to be proved through evidence. Use scientific studies or other academic sources as evidence, one should also include the opposing viewpoint and refute it with claims, evidence, and facts for convincing the reader. Opposing claims can be given before the conclusion paragraph or even before the supporting paragraphs.

The conclusion is the last paragraph in which the writer has to restate the main point along with the supporting claims in a summarized form. Provide some background on the importance of the topic before ending the essay.

After writing an essay, its revision is imperative. Look for any typo, grammar, or spelling mistakes. One can rewrite or rearrange points if it doesn’t seem fitting during revision. Argumentative Essay Help aims to convince the reader, or to make at least him revisit his opinion. If it happens, the goal is achieved.

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