500 Word Essay

Writing a 500 Word Essay is a very dreadful task for the students; it could be on any topic, like scholarship, a class, a task, a contest and other topics. There are many points at which the students face problems to deal with them. Regardless of the size of an essay

There are many steps to follow to write any essay. The first important step is to select the topic of your essay, keeping mind the word count of the essay. After that, you have to make the type of your essay clear whether you want to write the general review or descriptive essay on the subject or topic.


  • Narrative
  • Descriptive
  • Expository
  • Argumentative


In this type of essay, you have to tell stories or share experiences according to the defined point of view. The main purpose of writing this essay is not just expressing your feeling and experience but it is necessary to provide a reason to tell the importance and the outcomes of this experience that could help the reader. A narrative essay is a short type of essay as it is similar to the five -paragraphs and written in the same format. The narrative essay has incidents, dialogues and characters mentioned in it.


As, it is clear from its name that this type of essay describes things like experiences, places, personalities, incidents and many-objective things. The descriptive essay discusses the things precisely. Creative and imaginary approach is used to make things remarkable. The descriptive essay is written in a concise and clear way. It requires good writing and visualizing skills so your writing cloud portrays the image of the thing you are focusing on. Writing a thesis statement at the start of your essay is also very important to give the reader the impression of the topic you are going to discuss in your essay. 


The expository essay is an investigation of facts and ideas, in which a writer supposed to inquire about that particular fact or thing to make it clear for the readers. This essay illuminates or exposes the reality. In this type of essay, you do not need to give your opinion on the topic, but only the clear facts and reality. You also have to give the references for your content so the reader can confirm these facts. In this type of essay, only authentic facts are acceptable.


The argumentative essay is based on a controversial type of topic. In this essay, you have to select one side of the topic you are supporting and the sides you think have more margins to present your arguments more strongly. Give valid reasons to support your point and prove the opposition wrong and convince the reader to agree with you. It is important to give the fact and pieces of evidence in justification of your points.

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