Synthesis Essay Outline

Synthesis essay is one of the most interesting and remarkable types of essay which you have to write. In this paper, you have the freedom to state the ideas from different resources and sum up them to make apparent and clear paper, which is the base of your thesis statement. It covers the information that revolves around a specific topic that focuses a particular opinion and point of view.

As a student, you have to go through different resources to find out the information that is relevant to your topic. It is very important to give the reader deep understanding of the topic through your synthesis essay. The reader also requires some extensive suggestions from the writer.

We have given some simple discussions and the lessons below for you about how you write the synthesis essay outline. We also have stated some gripping examples to give you a better understanding of this paper. Have a look at the basic structure of the synthesis essay outline.

These types of papers mainly have three parts, such as:

  1. Introduction or Starting Paragraph
  2. Main body
  3. Conclusion


In this beginning section, you have to introduce your synthesis essay topic to the reader. You have to give a brief description of your topic and its relevancy. You have to discuss the background of the issue in a few lines and the short way. Moreover, this is the paragraph you also have you mention the purpose of your essay.

This must be interesting and engaging to keep them reading your essay. At the end of this paragraph, state the appealing thesis statement. This statement will serve as the essence of your whole essay.


The main body holds three parts:

  1. Objective section – in this paragraph you have to discuss the main idea of your essay
  2. Valid proofs – in this section you have to give facts and examples to justify your argument
  3. Conclusion – This section connects the arguments and the proofs together. In this section, the facts of whole synthesis essay and its importance is mentioned.


This the closing point of your synthesis essay. To restate your thesis statement, mention different terms and phrases. This section will summarize all the ideas and facts you have offered in the main body.

Example 1: The Immigration Policy And Executive Order-Effective or Ineffective


Before you start writing your essay, you have to find some eye-catching words and phrases to engage your readers. After this, state the background of immigration policy and order. Then you have to discuss the reasons why the United States of America has made this ban controversial.

Be careful about writing your thesis statement; it must be relevant to your topic or subject. For example, you can write, “the immigration policy is unsatisfactory and not applicable regardless of the importance of executive order.”

The basic mistake you must avoid while writing an introductory paragraph:

  • Avoid the use of cliché phrases and word
  • Giving the inadequate information of subject background
  • A weak thesis statement

Main Body

This is the descriptive and explanatory section of the essay. At the start of this section, provide a simple summary of the argument to your reader along with a different point of view. For example:

“For the past many years, there are many policies passed by the US Federal government to solve this issue of immigration, but the actions that are taken regarding this issue were quite insufficient. However, some of them still think that this will be resolved soon.”

The way to write your topic sentence:

First, you have to provide the reason that is opposite to your thesis statement. Provide the pieces of evidence to support ideas and object its invalidity. Then you will have to state the facts to give the reasons why it is an insufficient argument. In the end, conclude it and give some suggestions and your opinions on the issue.

Support 1:

Here you have to provide the slightest critical reason to define your thesis statement. Give the argument statement, which linked to your idea. At this point, you must have to give maximum one reference from authentic sources to support your opinion.

Explain your evidence and tell why these are relevant for the readers. Wrap up your paragraph by summarizing all the concepts of the topic sentence.

Support 2:

In the second paragraph, you will have to give the central reason to support your thesis statement. Select the proper topic statement and give the fact and concepts that are supporting your opinions. Sum up your ideas of your topic sentence and evidence in a precise way.

Support 3:

Write down the essential reason for the justification of your thesis. Give sufficient facts; make sure that you have gripped your thesis statement. Sate as many quotations from the sources as you can and give their explanation.

Here are some of the basic mistakes that you should avoid when it has come to the main body of the synthesis essay:

  • Insufficient fact and findings
  • Creating a poor topic sentence
  • No citation of used sources
  • Weak evidence and facts to sustain your statement


Sum up all your ideas and the key concepts that you want to present. Restate your thesis briefly. At this point, summarize all your arguments by giving relevant examples. On the whole, you have to convince your reader to agree with your opinions.

Check out these errors while creating your conclusion:

  • Complicating the idea of your thesis statement
  • Fail to comprise a call to action

Example 2: Global Warming

During your school years, this could be the most straightforward Synthesis Essay Outline, which will come across. However, it's also very hard to handle this paper; here is a simple guideline that will help you to write your paper.


Begin with explaining the concept of global warming. Shortly state some causes of global warming. For example, deforestation, an increase in pollution, and industrialization. Then mention some of the harmful effects of it like increases the temperature and land sliding.

In your thesis statement, you have to state that the temperature of the world is increasing day by day, and we have to work together to stop this alarming situation.

What mistakes do students make at this point?

  • Improper definition of global warming
  • Do not state the important causes and effects of global warming
  • Weak and poor thesis statement

Main Body

This part of the essay covers a large amount of content. You must do extra research on the topic and give the fact to support your thesis statement. We have given five attractive paragraphs in the Synthesis Essay Outline Writing that can help you write your essay.

Paragraph 1:

Give the references of researches and the findings of authentic institutes like mention the findings of the IPCC that at the end of the century, the sea level will increase by 7 to 23 inches. State its importance and how can it strengthen your thesis statement.

Paragraph 2:

The temperature of the earth has risen by 1.4 Fahrenheit since 1880. You have to give proof of the findings and their importance.

Paragraph 3:

The ice of the Arctic is constantly melting, and researches show that there will be no ice at this continent. Write this type of researches with references.

Paragraph 4:

Explain how melting glaciers are increasing the sea level. How these pieces of evidence make your thesis statement powerful? As a writer, you have to give enough proof in support of this fact.

 Paragraph 5:

At this point, compare the temperature level of the last two decades with the last 400 years. Show the researches for the rationalization of this fact.

The mistake you must avoid while writing the main body of your essay:

  • Insufficient proofs that make the argument weak
  • Not mentioning the sources you take help from
  • Unsatisfactory facts that frail the thesis statement


Restate that why the temperature of rising slowly and why the word should come together to deal with it. Sum up the key ideas and concepts in the main body. Conclude your essay with an open-ended question. For example, why the world is fighting on this serious issue when they have to come together to fight against it?

Tips To Write Synthesis Essay Outline

You have to form your essay in a much-synchronized way so it could be easy for the reader to understand your ideas. To avoid plagiarism, state all the sources you have used in your essay. You also need to use the correct citation format. State them in your synthesis essay outline.

Write your essay on the proper and standard language. Explain all the methods and the terms you have a use. A perfectly explained synthesis essay outline is the best proposal for the paper.

In whole, to write a catchy synthesis essay, you have to focus these essential things:

  • Have in-depth knowledge of the topic
  • Be careful while conducting research and creating the structure the paper
  • Use a variety of phrases and words you define your ideas and concepts efficiently

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