Reflection Paper

What is the reflection paper?

The Reflection Paper is the best way to describe your experience and the observation about certain things. It is more about your thoughts and perception about certain things rather than providing only facts. The subject of reflection paper could be a book, movie, experience or event that has changed your life and way of thinking. To write a reflection paper, you must have in-depth knowledge about the aspect, which you are going to discuss in your paper.

Type of reflective paper

  • Personal - this type of reflective paper is used to express the experience of a personal event
  • Educational - this kind is based on a film, book or some lecture that are conducted in the class
  • Professional - this focuses on observing the behavior of workers, teachers, and professionals in the workplace

Steps to writing a reflection paper in order

Before you, do anything to make yourself prepared for all the procedures by reading the reading some examples of a similar paper. The reading of these papers will clear your ideas and perceptions. Here are some other steps you must consider to get ready to write your paper.

Select your topic

The topic is the base of your essay; it works as an indicator of the success of your paper. The topic can make or break the complete structure of your paper, so be careful while selecting the topic of your essay as if you do not have enough knowledge about the topic, then it will be difficult for you to write your paper. So make sure that the topic you choose, you should know much about it or experienced it personally. However, most of the times, the topic is assigned to you by teachers and professors. If it is so, then you have to conduct the research on the topic to know more about the topic that is assigned to you.


Think about the topic as deeply as you can; this will help you to generate new ideas to write your paper. Focus on the aspect of the topic that you want to use as the base of your paper; this will keep your ideas in limit focused. Write down all the ideas that come in your mind on a paper to keep them safe until you start writing. Ask a question to yourself about everything, especially when the topic is new for you. Ask yourself that what you will feel if you face such a situation find any event related to the topic.

Make an outline

If you want to write your paper in order, then this step is very important that will help you write your essay in a synchronized way. Make the main headings of your paper and at least write one to two-line related to that section, so when you start writing, this outline will not distract you. Write the main statement in the introduction and conclusion section.

Start writing

When you have planned what to write and how now you are good to go and start writing your paper. Keep in mind the specific elements of the sections that are given below

  • Introduction

The introduction of your paper starts with the catchy information about the topic, and then it includes reflective questions and the main theme of the paper to give the reader an understanding of the topic and at the end of the introduction, give your thesis statement to identify the reason writing this paper. In this section, you have to build a strong image of your ideas and the topic to make the reader clear about them before they start reading your experience and thoughts about it.

  • Main body

In this section, you have to explain your topic and give details about it with examples and references. The main body is the justification of your thesis statement. This part is based on three to four paragraphs. At first, you have to tell about the experience in simple words introduce it.  Secondly, you have to tell that how that experience and thing influenced you and your thoughts and compare that experience with the experience of others and how they think about it, and in the end, you enlist the things that you learned from that experience and how it influenced your thinking. Make sure that whatever you write in this section is logical and factual. Along with this, you also have to give solid examples to justify your points. Keep in mind that this section must be interesting for the reader.

  • Conclusion

The conclusion is a short and brief summary of your paper. It sums up all the information, facts and outcomes. In this section, answer the questions you have posed in the introduction to not to leave the reader in the confusion and to give a strong image of your experience. Conclude your paper by highlighting the main and catchy points of your essay.

Additional tips to make an excellent paper

We know that everyone has its writing and expressing style, but while writing a Reflective Essay and to make it perfect, everyone has to follow some similar basic things. Therefore, we have mentioned effective tips to make it easy for you.

  • Cite Your Sources – make sure that you use authentic sources in your paper, and when you use them, do not forget to cite them in your paper. It will enhance the quality of your paper.
  • Use Proper Language Tone – as this paper belongs to you and your experience, but you are not allowed to use improper and unprofessional language because in the end, it must be read by your professors. Therefore, the harsh and unserious tone will affect the purpose of your paper. Therefore, you need to use proper academic or professional language and words.
  • Short And Precise – it is not a lengthy type of paper; reflection paper is a short type of paper that depends on 300 to 700 words. You do not have to go into the detail of everything but only have to give relevant information about your experience.
  • Proofreading – Proofreading is the most important step after you finishing writing. Proofreading is not only done to check the grammar and spelling mistakes, but it also makes sure that your paper is well organized. Try to overcome all the errors and mistake while proofreading your paper.
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