How To Write A Research Paper Like A Professional?

Important points to be considered before writing a research paper like a professional

When a professor assigns you a research paper, develop a calibre to confront your writing fear. You will decide to conceal yourself somewhere in the library, cover your surroundings with different sticky notes, and take a nap on a keyboard before the terror is finished. Writing A Research Paper> has never been easier; no matter you have done it before. Let’s get started with a gentle prod that takes you from an empty page with an impeccable introduction, an ideal title page, and an outline.

What is a Research Paper?

Before diving into writing, you need to familiar with the  paper. It’s a standard college and university assignment that trains you to audit bulk data, scrutinize it, and give possible solutions to the issues.

A research paper is a piece of extensive text, based on research on a specific topic along with a large number of requirements. You need to read all these requirements before writing a paper and try to meet your professor's expectations. If you don't follow up, you might fail the paper, and it causes you to obtain bad grades.

How To Start A Research Paper?

Writing a research paper is a tedious task. Most of the students find it tough and complete it near the last few days of submission. The initial step is always unnerving, and you can’t succeed without confronting it. Let’s get started with some basic prewriting phases:

Choose a Research Topic

Gone are the days when teachers assign you with a research topic, now it's your time to pick a research topic. As it's a basic step, many students might think it difficult due to the availability of various interesting topics. To get rid of this hindrance, keep following our guaranteed process of transforming your common idea into a unique question. Keep these factors in your mind while selecting the topic.

Select a unique and attention-grabbing topic to meet your assignment requirements. It can be anything from democracy to artificial intelligence.

Apply all the conditions to limit the general subject that you’ve chosen for research. There are loads of focus points to any topic, try to pick an interesting topic. Time and place will enable you to limit the problem a bit more. However, you can explore the overall history and properties of artificial intelligence to support your chosen topic.

Prepare a research question; once you’ve applied filters of theme, you can easily build up a research question. For example: What is the role of artificial intelligence in robotics?

After choosing the topic, check your question again. Either it is appropriate for your research topic or not? Is it covering all the aspects of research requirements? However, the topic should be unique and contentious, containing a practicable list of arguments to your perspective, and the outcomes of the topic need to be noteworthy.

These mentioned steps will lead you from an uncertain topic concept to a well composed, and high-quality paper within a short period. Keep these steps in your mind and move toward the writing process.

Research the Chosen Topic

While researching a unique topic, your first preference might visit Wikipedia. You select Wikipedia to conduct the general concepts; however, it's not a feasible source to cite. and The dictionary are also not reliable sources to reference in your paper.

Rather, go through your college library or visit Google Scholar to conduct viable information. RefSeek, ERIC, and Internet Public School Library are one of the best sources to collect the required data within seconds.

Reading the books and journals aren’t enough to write a high-quality paper because you’re unable to remember everything you have read. Don’t waste your time looking up the quotes while writing the research paper — all you need to set up a list of post-it notes and choose abundant notes. If your  paper contains facts and quotes, write down its source and page. It enables you to make an outline and citations without returning. Once you’ve composed a list of notes, sequence them according to the listed topic. These notes will help you to determine the paper outline.

Write a Thesis Statement

Writing a thesis statement is a tedious task, and you need to write it in the introduction segment. If you don't place the thesis statement as per professor requirements, you might obtain low grades. It should cover the main research concept and let the readers aware of a quick overview.

The following points can transform an average thesis into a solid one:

  • Get the research question answered with a solid stance-based on the assignment requirements, either you need to cover all perspectives of the problem or choose a single focus. 
  • Conduct an overview of the critical factors that you’ve added in your argument. Better yet, add at least two or three solid statements to support the research topic. Develop a better understanding to convince the readers, and your research needs to be topic oriented.
  • Try to mention all opposing arguments. Avoid turning your research work biased and one-sided, discuss another side of the problem as well as satisfy the readers. However, a quick reference inside the thesis will enable you to identify the counter-arguments.

Keep in mind; a thesis statement is just a single part of the research paper introduction. To fulfill the professor’s expectations, you might require a unique hook to grasp the reader’s attention. 

Put an extensive overview and background history in a paper to keep the readers focused. All complex terminologies will be discussed in the introduction segment.

Check Your Writing

It doesn't matter if you don't know how to write a paper, but you must know how to end it. Set up a conclusion is comparatively easy as it is based on the research you've conducted earlier. However, editing and proofreading are a crucial part of any paper.

You need to conduct editing first. Once you've completed the research paper, keep it aside. Get back to the paper after having the rest of a day or two and reread it. Read it loudly and highlight the points you need to make changes. You'll come up with several uncoordinated phrasing, logical errors, and meaningless iterations. Get all these errors fixed, never assume your first draft as a final draft, so keep editing until the final submission. If you left with extra time, try to mend the missing parts of the  paper.

Never trust the results given by built-in text editors. It is not possible to find all the mistakes and typos in the research paper. Several professional editing software is available online to acquire accurate results. Most of the tools are paid, but you can buy the premium subscription.

Make sure to proofread your research paper before the final submission. Ask your friend to read it carefully and let him find the maximum mistakes. To obtain the best results, seek help from any professional proofreader. They’re responsible for fixing grammatical mistakes that we usually forget to place, including punctuation, verb tense, and sentence formatting.  

Create A Title Page for Your Paper

The title page is a significant aspect of a research paper. After editing and proofreading, let's move toward formatting. Considering your professor's requirements, create a title page using APA and MLA format.

APA Cover Page

Take a standard page and make it double-spaced using one-inch margins on all sides. Add running head at the top of all pages with a page number on the most right side. Type the “TITLE” in caps lock and don’t exceed 50 characters' length, including punctuation and spaces.

A title page contains “Running head” and should be less than 12 words without abbreviations. Below the title, type, mention your first, middle, and last name. Write the complete name of the school or college you’re affiliated with. 

MLA Cover Page

MLA doesn't need any title page, therefore, mention all the information on the first page. In the top left corner place your name, professor's name, and the date. Use double spaces, standard capitalization rules for the title, and place it in the center.

For an MLA style cover page, follow these rules:

  • Write your name on left side
  • Write your Professor's name below 
  • Write Subject/course name
  • Write submission date

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