Analytical Essay Writing Guide

Learn How To Write An Analytical Essay

The first analytical essay assignment attempt has never been easier. You might seem terrified and confused, but once you learn how to tackle the problems, you’ll understand it’s not that much complicated.

What Is an Analytical Essay?

Whether you’re supposed to scribble an analysis based essay or break down a topic, in both scenarios, the bottom line will remain the same.  Before dive into writing, you must be familiar with the exact meaning of an Analytical Essay. Basically, it’s a paper that scrutinizes the topic and delivers evidence to justify an argument. To evaluate something, you divide it into smaller portions and start evaluating thoroughly.

Critical thinking differs with synthesis, which enables you to assemble a whole from individual parts. To clear these concepts, recall your favorite Sherlock Holmes book or movie where a detective splits the crime sections into brief details and conducts an analysis. He places them together to identify the criminal and conducts synthesis.

To write high quality and well composed analytical essay, follow these steps:

Choose the Essay Topic

Choose the right topic for your essay has never been an easier task. Usually, professors allocate a particular topic to conduct your analysis and don’t even point out any book or poem. However, the professors narrow your decision to a sole writer. And sometimes, you're free to choose any topic for a critical analysis essay, and it can be any kind of literary work.

Always try to choose the topic you’ve information about and save maximum time. Better yet, go with selecting the book you’ve been reading for a long time. Before conducting the final decision, research the title to confirm the references. These references will be used as secondary sources and help to justify your concepts.  

Moreover, don't go with something as typical as "Romeo and Juliet" because these kinds of books have been explored so broadly. To develop a better writing experience, go with something unique idea. Your professor also has been tired of reading repeatedly common topics. So, avoid using such typical topics. If you want to obtain good marks, try to put originality in an analytical essay.

Research the Topic

Moving toward paper, use your detective and critical skills to examine the topic. Research is the foremost and time-consuming procedure. While conducting the evidence and required information, you may overlook to monitor time, and forget what’s more important when it’s time to write down the scrambled data.

To get rid of this situation, set a specific time limit for all assignments. For instance, specify one or two days for picking the topic, whereas research can take seven around 10 to 12 days. Moreover, specify almost 12-10 days to writing and add a few more days to get your paper published.

Many of us prefer to prepare notes while reading and save their time. Take a notepad to prepare the notes, and you can use digital notes as well. For this purpose, make a document file or a Trello and save all the points you consider important. The file must consist of the page number, title of the source, and a link to the notes. Without these factors, citing the references will be considered useless.  After preparing a couple of notes, compile them into different groups. The more data you collect, the more time you will save.

Make sure to add credible, recent, and unbiased sources in the file. These sources are easy to find through school, library, Google Scholar, or DeepDyve is a great tool to collect the sources, and it’s a paid tool. Buy its subscription as per your requirements. However, you can collect a dozen references for an analytical essay topic through its trial version.

Develop an Analytical Essay Thesis

A thesis statement is considered an essential part of analytical essay writing and helps you to obtain an A grade. Try not to skip this step for getting good grades. The thesis is the main factor a professor notices in the paper. It enables the professor to evaluate your writing skills.

Composing an analytical essay thesis has never been easier. Try not to consume much time for preparing it and assume the first repetition of the thesis statement as a draft.

Never assume your first attempt accurate while writing the thesis. After completing the paper, return to it and get all the errors fixed. Consider the possibilities to determine your essay in a solitary sentence, containing the problem statement and critical arguments. Moreover, add other opinions as well that you've discoursed in the paper. To prepare a well-composed thesis statement, eliminate the meaningless words, dismissals, and recurrences from it.

Create an Outline

A guideline is necessary to keep yourself on track. Similar, you're unable to write a Narrative Essay without having an outline. It doesn’t need to be comprehensive, but it must clearly describe the initial and the ending point.

An analytical essay outline consists of the following three factors: introduction, main body, and conclusion.


Get started your analytical essay with a strong introduction and grab the maximum reader's attention towards the essay. The thesis statement is a part of the introduction segment and helps to excite the readers.  Don’t forget to add a transition. In case, if you aren't familiar with how to write an analytical essay, begin with the body paragraph and come back to the introduction later. It's time to let the reader aware of how you will validate your statement.

Main Body

The main body of an analytical essay comes with a fixed word count. You need to figure out the start and the ending paragraph to obtain the word count. If your professor asks for an essay based on five paragraphs, you’ll just have space for only three points. Support these points with solid arguments, instead of using uncorroborated points, and try to convince the reader.

Each segment consists of a topic sentence to support the argument, evidence, and analysis. These three factors are crucial: without having a topic sentence your paragraph will be considered useless, without evidence it will be simply unverified, and without analysis, it will be just a group of quotes from random sources. 


First of all, you need to understand that the conclusion is not only based on a summary of the given evidence. As it's the closing paragraph so it must be convincing and topic oriented. While writing the conclusion, all you need to place your analytical skills at Topmost.

Write down the critical arguments and wind up this segment with your final views about the chosen topic. The format of this segment needs to be less complex and more influential with concepts.

Check Your Writing

Writing an analytical essay might be difficult, especially when you’ve never done it before. Well, you don’t need to worry at all. Once, you’ve done with writing; the next stage is editing and proofreading.

Make sure to edit and proofread an analytical essay before the final submission. These are the key factors to obtain the highest grades in the paper. When you’ve completed your paper, keep it aside, and take a long rest. Now reread the paper and highlight the points you want to make changes. You'll come up with several uncoordinated phrasing, logical errors, and meaningless iterations. For better results, follow the instructions given by the professor and start editing the paper.

Proofreading is an efficient way to mark the maximum errors in the paper you’ve done earlier. Make a habit of revising and proofreading the paper before submission. Get help from a friend and ask him to read it thoroughly.

Proofreading will help to turn your writing into a well-composed paper. For the best outcomes, seek help from any professional proofreader. They fix grammatical mistakes that we usually may forget to place, including punctuation, verb tense, and sentence formatting. Now you're ready to submit your high-quality work.

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