Coronavirus outbreak causes global health emergency: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

The identification of the Coronavirus first occurred in the year of 1960. However, at the time of the identification, it was not known that where this virus has come from, what is the cause of its origin, and it was not known that the virus can have dangerous effects on the people and the animal as well.

Recently at the end of December 2019, a new respiratory coronavirus first broke in the city of China Wuhan that is the capital of Hubei province and rapidly spreading in China. Other countries like Australia, Japan, Thailand, Germany, France, Finland, Canada, and the US, UAE, South Korea and many others are affected by a coronavirus. However, the ratio of victims in these countries is apparently low from china but the experts have said that there might be many cases that go undetected and the threatening thing is that a person can be the victim of this virus even if he has not experienced any symptoms of it. In China, over 15000 people have affected by coronavirus and 800 died. It is spreading rapidly, the authorities of China have taken immediate action and lock down the city Wuhan, and life has been immobilized there.

What is  coronavirus?

Coronavirus is the family of viruses that includes the viruses that attack the respiratory system such as the Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS), severe acute respiratory syndrome, which is known as (SARS). These viruses together can cause severe illnesses like pneumonia, bronchitis and upper respiratory infection. This virus is causing illness in humans and animal, including cats, rats, bats, camels and other wild animals. Some expert has said that there are high chances that this virus transfers to the humans’ through the animals as the Chinese people are habituated to eat wild animals and wild animals have more chances to affect by a coronavirus.

How coronavirus transmit?

Coronavirus spreads from the infected patients to healthy human beings through the air when the infected person sneeze or cough. Moreover, it is also transferred from person to person through close interaction, touching and eating together or if you touch, any object that contains this virus and then takes it close to your mouth can also allow the virus to enter your respiratory system. As this virus also affects the animal, so there are high chances that the people who eat or interact with them will also be infected by a coronavirus. This deadly virus is spreading so fast due to the people who are infected with Coronavirus , but do not expose to the symptoms of infection and therefore, these people have not undergone through the radar which is causing the threatening situation for the whole world. This virus has the potential to travel in the air, which is causing the rapid transmission of the virus.

Symptoms of Infection

The coronavirus damages the respiratory system and causes pneumonia. The person who is infected by this virus can experience fever, cough, soreness and fatigue as the initial symptoms of this infection, but when the virus in the body intensifies, its symptoms get more severe that include heart stroke, kidney damage and difficulty in breathing. Moreover, in some extreme cases, the patients cough up blood, however, it is easy to identify the viral infection with them, whereas these symptoms are mild or not prominent in some of the patients, which are, creating a worse situation as these patients do not come under consideration. This is the reason that the outbreak of coronavirus is getting worse and making it more difficult to control. The coronavirus is more dangerous for adults above the age of 40 who are already suffering from many diseases. Therefore, the risk and the death rate are significantly higher in people of this age group as compared to the youngsters because the youngsters have a good and active immune system. The symptoms of infection appear on the victim within two to ten days after contracting with the virus.

Diagnosing corona infection

If you experience any of the symptoms mentioned above, you should immediately consult the doctor. To diagnose the infection, the doctor will take the samples of blood, sputum, throat swab and specimens to test them clinically. Along with this, the doctor will ask you about your medical history and symptoms you are experiencing to identify the infection. The tests are the most authentic and particular report on whether a person is infected by carnivorous or not.

Prevention and Treatment

The most ominous fact is that there is no vaccine currently available to prevent or cure corona infection. The only way to stay safe from this infection is to avoid exposure to this virus. There are some preventive actions, which you can take to prevent yourself and others from being infected by a coronavirus. The first thing you can do is to take special care of hygiene and use alcohol-based hand washes or sanitizer. Make sure to wash your hand or sanitize them for at least half a minute whenever you touch any object or shake your hand with others and most importantly, do not touch your mouth, nose or eyes with the dirty hand or if you have touched anything. Avoid going to public places and close interaction with people, especially sick people. Whenever you are in gathering or group, wear protective face mask and glasses. Try to stay at home if you are sick, moreover cover your mouth with a tissue or napkin while sneezing or coughing and afterward dispose of in the bin and also keep your face cover with mask to save other people from the infection. As there is no treatment of coronavirus; therefore, the only thing the victim can do is taking care of itself and taking over the counter medication. If you are infected with the virus, make sure to drink plenty of warm water and take enough rest during your illness. Avoid interaction with the pollution, dirt and smoke and if you are a smoker then stop smoking. Do not share a meal and avoid eating meat, seafood and eggs as the animals are mostly infected by this virus. Take the medicines after consulting the doctor to relieve pain and do not give aspirin to the children, but these medicines do not have the potential to cure the corona infection. As the world is under threat of coronavirus, so it is better for you to avoid traveling especially to china.

Concluding Remarks

Corona Virus has become a global issue and affected the people of China dangerously. Coronavirus has become a deadly issue for the people of China. Corona Virus is a disease that spreads among the people of China and people are affected badly with it as it is an illness that starts and it range from minor and common cold and its affects lower to more severe illness. Diseases including Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome. This virus is widely spread when there is human and animal interaction. As the people of China eat different animals that are dangerous to health, including rats, snakes, bats and many other animals as well, so this virus spread in China because they eat a lot of the animals that are not healthy for the health and are poisonous.

Most common signs and the symptoms of the coronavirus include the cough, flu, breath shortness and difficulty in breathing including some other severe signs such as kidney failure, pneumonia etc that lead to death. The spreading disease of Coronavirus is now spreading with people to people interaction and it has not only spread in China but it also affects people in other countries as well. Now the Coronavirus has spread among the countries of Australia, the United States and some parts of Europe and South East Asia as well. The coronavirus has spread through traveling of people from affected region towards other regions.

Some standards and measures are necessary to overcome the issue of Coronavirus to get yourself protected from it. There are some recommendations that a person must follow to protect himself from coronavirus including:

  • Covering the mouth,
  • Regular hand wash,
  • Covering the nose when you feel sneeze,
  • Thoroughly and perfectly cooking the meat and the eggs
  • Avoiding the contact with some people who have respiratory diseases like cough, flu and sneezing.

Coronavirus has spread globally among different countries and has the chances to spread in other counties as well, so necessary precautionary measures for coronavirus is necessary to be followed to protect  people from it's adverse effects.


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