Climate Change

Climate Change – The Earth Is Seeking Its Revenge

The climate of the Earth has changed at a continuous pace throughout history. But the change that we have been witnessing for the past few years is much more rapid and, thus, of more significance. The primary The Causes of Climate Change and global warming and climate change are nothing else but human activities themselves. Yes, we are the ones to blame.

Several studies and researches have proved that we, humans, have made the situation worse than it was ever before. Global warming is a bitter reality, and no matter how much we try to avoid it, it is happening. The evidence is there, and humans are the reason behind it.

The Earth is witnessing a record-breaking rise in sea levels, much warmer temperatures, intense humidity, and several other factors that indicate that global warming is real. All the emissions from the burning of the fossil fuels that we release into our atmosphere are causing the climate to change. This is because the rate of carbon dioxide getting released in the air is far more than the rate at which it is reduced by plants and other natural processes. This is causing the oceans to rise and the Earth’s temperature to get warmer and even warmer.  The world needs to get together on a single page for this issue, and immediate actions need to be taken. Otherwise, there will be serious consequences.

Environmental targets need to be set, and necessary measures got to be practiced collectively by all the countries to get some control over it. Drastic changes must be made to cope up with this climate crisis. To reduce the emission of heat-trapping gases in the environment, industries need to make use of clean-energy strategies and technologies.

Humans have been continuously releasing excessive amounts of greenhouse gases such as methane, carbon dioxide, chlorofluorocarbons, and nitrous oxide into the atmosphere from the past few decades, causing the climate to change at a very fast rate. What happens is that when the heat of the sun reaches our planet, it is either absorbed by the Earth or it is reflected. These greenhouse gases absorb energy and do not let the heat escape into space to a more or less extent. This is how Earth becomes warmer and the temperature increases. This whole process is referred to as the Greenhouse Effect.

Around the mid-1750s was the period of the beginning of the Industrial Revolution in the world. With the increase in the number of industries on Earth, the rate of emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere also got increased. So, it can be said that the industries have made a major contribution to this climate change by burning an excessive amount of fossil fuels into the air. Also, processes like urbanization, deforestation, desertification, and reforestation have an impact on the climate of the areas, especially in which they are happening.

Climate change has several hazardous Impacts On Society. Agriculture, human health, water supply, ecosystems, energy, food security, and transportation; all are suffering to either lesser or greater extent due to the increase in Earth's temperature and oceans. And they are expected to become even more disruptive in the near future.

In the last twelve months, the world has seen the worst climate crisis of all time, and this is not where it ends. It will continue to increase even more rapidly if not controlled. Bad air quality, extreme weather, and wildfires, diseases transferred through water, food, and insects, have been very badly affecting human health. Climate change is also affecting agriculture. The security of food supply is being compromised and, thus, again affecting human life. Water supply has also gotten effected. People have already been facing a shortage of groundwater supplies, and its quality has also been diminishing in the majority of the areas. The ecosystems are also suffering due to extreme weather events. Barrier beaches, forests, and wetlands would not be able to take a lot of these floods, storms, and wildfires. The rise in sea-levels combined with pollution and overfishing are affecting marine life and, thus, the food that is produced through it. This is the current situation of the United States of America. Hence, you can imagine how much worse the situation would be in the rest of the world, especially the developing countries.

The scientists say that global warming is to be blamed for the increasing natural Disasters in the world. Fires in Australia floods in Venice and plague outbreak in China; they are all being somewhat associated with this rapid climate change. The government of Australia is confused as to whether they should cut down the emissions that are produced by their coal industries into the atmosphere and save the environment or keep doing so not to let their economy suffer. Warmer air temperatures are causing a sense of fear of fires and droughts among the people of the country.

Human health has already been suffering due to global warming, and researches say that it will have a lifelong impact on the coming generations with regards to health if it continues to move forward on the same path. The Health of the Children, in particular, is more vulnerable to this rapid change of climate. A child that is born today will live in a world 4 degrees warmer than it is today by the time he reaches the age of 71. He is at risk of several diseases in every phase of his life. This is because their immune system their whole body is still in the stage of development, thus they are more sensitive to climate change.

The temperature of Earth is expected to increase by 1.5 degrees in the next 20 years if we continue to release greenhouse gases into the air at the same rate. Scientists say that the world will face severe food crises if the temperature gets increased by even 2 degrees. Not only this, sea levels and sea temperatures have also been observed to increase at a very fast rate. This is causing the snow covers, mountain glaciers, Arctic sea ice, and permafrost to decrease. The amount of water vapor in the atmosphere is also increasing causing humidity. Therefore, it can be said that it is a very critical time now. All the measures and required actions must be taken now without any further delay.

We Must Unite Against Climate Change

The countries need to unite for this very purpose. A Grand Coalition On Climate Change is required to save the world from global warming. All the governments, industries, investors, along with common people need to come on one platform to address this issue. Political will and technological solutions can play a key role in getting some control over this rapid change of climate. We are the ones who have brought the world at this endpoint, and only, all of us together, have some chance of saving the future of our coming generations.Climate Change

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